Alaska Airlines Flight Door Blowout: Does Any Indian Airline Operate Boeing 737 MAX?

The news of the Alaska Airlines flight's mid-air door blowout has caused major chaos in the aviation industry.

by Shreya Ghosh
Alaska Airlines Flight Door Blowout: Does Any Indian Airline Operate Boeing 737 MAX?

What a crazy first week of the year it has been for the aviation industry! No, not due to the surge in tourist footfall at airports but due to frightening flight incidents. First, it was a disastrous crash between a Japan Airlines passenger flight and a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft at the Haneda airport. Next, it was the dangerous mid-flight door blowout of an Alaska Airlines flight after departing from Portland, Oregon. It was the Alaska Airlines 737 MAX9 that faced this horrifying experience.

The Alaska Airlines Incident Has Shaken The Entire World

The airline apologised to the affected passengers who had to face these scary incidents while flying on that day. Alaska Airlines has announced the grounding of the 737-9 MAX fleet. Until they receive inspection and maintenance instructions from Boeing and get the approval to start the procedures from the FAA, they will keep the fleet grounded.

Not only by the onboard passengers but they are also being criticised by the public in general. The incident could have been much worse and life-threatening but fortunately, there have been no casualties or accidents. Dave Calhoun, the CEO of Boeing, accepted responsibility for the door blowout incident recently.

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, J Hans (@blackhawkce457) shared a video clicked by an onboard passenger.

Passengers are a bit scared seeing all these unfortunate incidents taking place. Following the unimaginable incident, the US Federal Aviation Administration ordered to ground the Boeing 737 MAX 9 flights. This led to another chaotic situation as several flights have now been cancelled. But the entire process of inspection is a top priority right now.

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These Airlines In India Operate The Boeing 737 MAX

Joe (@jpr747) shared the image of the panel of the Alaska Airlines flight that blew during the incident.

Flying the MAX-type Boeing has become the talk of the town in the aviation industry. The sudden blowout of a door has completely stirred people and the fear concerning these incidents also got triggered among many. When it comes to airlines providing services in India, three airlines operate this type. The airlines are Air India Express, Akasa Air, and SpiceJet, according to a report by Hindustan Times.

Air India Express has 9 aircraft in this fleet and the numbers are the same for SpiceJet as well. For Akasa Air, the fleet has 22. The type might be the same but these airlines do not fly MAX 9. FAA has not grounded or given any directions for these flights as MAX 9 does not operate in India.

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As of now, it looks like there is no reason to be scared as regulators have not pointed out any issue with the ones operating in India. The airlines fly MAX 8 except for 1 MAX 8200 of Akasa Air. The registered aircraft in India does not have a plugged door.

The Alaska Airlines incident has been such a risky one.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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