Rana Daggubati Started His Career In An Ad Agency

Rana went from shooting ad films to starring in films!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Rana Daggubati Started His Career In An Ad Agency

Everyone’s first paycheck is a memorable one, even if it is an internship stipend or salary. It is indeed a proud moment for every individual! We learned about Bahubali actor, Rana’s first paycheck and how he got into jobs quite early on in his life. He and his uncle, South Indian superstar Venkatesh Daggubati, joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani, on this delightful episode of Sunday Brunch. Watch the entire video linked below to learn about some fun childhood incidents of Rana.

Rana Daggubati’s First Job Was In An Advertising Agency

This uncle-nephew duo joined us to promote their Netflix series ‘Rana Naidu’ which was released in March last year. While talking about films, travel and more, we were curious to know what Rana’s first job was and asked him about it. He replied, “I started working pretty early because I didn’t study well in school.” So, he entered the corporate world because he thought he had to put his non-studious self to some good use.

Next, he told us that his first job was in an advertising agency, where he was appointed to shoot ad films. His journey to this profession was due to his studies in industrial photography, and then he moved to advertising films. So, this is where he began making actual money. It looks like Rana’s abba maan gaye; IYKYK!

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What Was His First Pay Check?

Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati
Photo Credits: Internal

It was time to ask Rana Daggubati about his first paycheck. He shared with us that he received a payment of around 12 grand or 14 grand from this ad agency to shoot ad films. Upon hearing this, Kamiya said hers was the same as Rana’s! We wonder if they did the same pinch thing for this.

Isn’t it wonderful that a calm boy who used to enjoy his own company and was not so academically inclined, got into the advertising business, only to shoot ads? And then went on to star in blockbuster films? The journey from behind the camera to the front of the camera is a memorable one for Rana!

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Let us know in the comments below what your first paycheck was and how old you were.

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