From Statue Of Unity To Christ The Redeemer, X User Shares Thread Of 21 Amazing Sculptures From All Around The World

Add these sculptures to your bucket list if you wish to explore the world. 

by Shreya Ghosh
From Statue Of Unity To Christ The Redeemer, X User Shares Thread Of 21 Amazing Sculptures From All Around The World

Do you dream of exploring the world, travelling to every corner, and witnessing interesting experiences of each place? There is loads to discover but we have so little time to see it all. The world is home to the most scenic surroundings and establishments to visit. Among the endless options of architectural wonders and history to witness, some underrated sculptures around the world steal our hearts all the time. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful statues globally.

X User Shared A Thread Of Beautiful Sculptures Located Around The World

James Lucas (@JamesLucasIT) took to the X platform to share this long list of 21 spectacular sculptures. He added that many Netizens probably were not aware of all of these statues’ existence.

1. Statue Of King Arthur

You need to head to the Tintagel Castle to see the 8-feet-tall statue of the Statue of King Arthur. Famous artist Rubin Eynon has made this figure.

2. Melancholy

Holding a deep meaning of people having grief and emptiness, Albert Gyorgy sculpted this sculpture located at Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

3. Christ Of The Abyss

It was in 1954 when Guido Galletti made the iconic Christ of the Abyss. This submerged bronze statue is popular for being placed underground, in San Fruttuoso Bay.

4. Amazing Sculptures Around The World: Colossus Sculpture

Crafted more than 4 centuries ago, this colossus sculpture is a 14-metre-tall figure. It has been kept on a pond. Tourists often like to visit and take a look at the huge statue.

5. Christ The Redeemer

The Statue of Christ the Redeemer of Maratea is an iconic tourist attraction in Maratea. It is known to be the tallest statue in Italy.

6. Statue Of Tombili

The next sculpture on this thread is an interesting statue in Istanbul. The story behind creating it was to honour a stray cat that always sat and looked at people walking by.

7. Jatayu Statue

Lakhs of visitors travel to Jatayu Earth’s Center Nature Park in Kerala’s Kollam to witness the magnificence of the largest bird sculpture in the world.

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8. Amazing Sculptures Around The World: Sendai Daikannon

Sendai Daikannon is renowned for being the world’s eighth-tallest statue and the tallest goddess statue in Japan. Tourists can enter inside and explore the fascinating intricacies inside. A total of 108 Buddha statues are kept in the interiors.

9. Great Challenge

Nicolas Lavarenne sculpted this unique statue in Antibes.

10. Statue Of Unity

Known as the tallest statue in the world, the 182-metre-tall statue is located near Kevadiya. Dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, this iconic tourist location welcomes many visitors every day.

11. Sculpture By Bruno Catalano

This one-of-a-kind sculpture represents the lonely feelings of migrants. It depicts the emptiness that one feels after leaving family and hometown and shifting to a new place.

12. Amazing Sculptures Around The World: Statue Of Neptune

Nestled in Gran Canaria, this sculpture is of the Roman God of the sea. The location of the statue is fascinating among visitors.

13. Leshan Giant Buddha

Known as the tallest pre-modern statue, the Leshan Giant Buddha is a prominent cultural landmark in China’s Leshan.

14. Statue Of Biblical Hero

Bernini is famous globally for the most unique and extraordinary sculptures. This statue portraying the biblical hero by the Italian sculptor is kept at the Galleria Borghese in Rome.

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15. Kiss Of Death

Crafted in 1930, this sculpture is located in Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona. It is believed that Jaume Barba made this in 1930.

16. Weight Of Thought

Thomas Lerooy’s bronze sculpture of Weight of Thought was sculpted in 2009 at the Petit Palais in Paris.

17. Victor Noir’s Grave

Paris’s Père Lachaise Cemetery has become quite famous to see Victor Noir’s grave. Jules Dalou sculpted the life-size statue.

18. Amazing Sculptures Around The World: Statue By Louis Philippe Mouchy

The most wonderful thing about this sculpture is the remarkable work done on this handkerchief using marble. The artist behind sculpting this is Louis Philippe Mouchy.

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19. Ecstasy Of Saint Teresa

Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa is sculpted using white marble. It is placed at Rome’s Cornaro Chapel of the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria.

20. Sculpture By Luo Li Rong

Luo Li Rong’s statues are famous all around for their hyper-realistic touches. The statues are made using bronze and clay.

21. Amazing Sculptures Around The World: The Dignity Statue

Concluding the thread of sculptures with South Dakota’s Dignity of Earth and Sky. This statue is of a woman standing atop. The creation faces the Missouri River.

If you wish to explore different global destinations, add these sculptures to your bucket list.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X/ James Lucas (@JamesLucasIT) 

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