8 Restaurants In India That Are Charging Reservation Fees On Table Bookings

Explore how these fees are reshaping the culinary landscape.

by Mallika Khurana
8 Restaurants In India That Are Charging Reservation Fees On Table Bookings

In the landscape of India, a subtle yet significant shift is taking place in the way restaurants manage their bookings. A growing number of establishments are adopting a practice that was once uncommon in the country: charging reservation fees. While this may initially raise eyebrows among diners accustomed to the traditional norms, there’s a method to this modern approach that’s reshaping the dining experience.

The Rise Of Reservation Fees In India

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Reservation fees, often ranging from a few hundred to several thousand rupees per person, serve multiple purposes for restaurants. They act as a financial commitment from patrons, mitigating the dreaded phenomenon of no-shows and last-minute cancellations that can wreak havoc on a restaurant’s operations. Moreover, these fees provide establishments with a means to manage their resources more efficiently, ensuring that bookings are honoured and maintaining the high standards of service and culinary excellence they strive for.

But why the sudden shift towards charging for reservations? Panchali Mahendra, CEO of Atelier House Hospitality, explains, “At Inja, our top priority is providing an exceptional dining experience for every guest. Charging a reservation fee helps us ensure that our bookings are honoured, allowing us to manage our resources efficiently and maintain high standards of service and culinary excellence.”

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Indian Restaurants Charging Reservation Fees

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Now, let’s uncover the restaurants in India that have embraced reservation charges:

  • KOKO, Mumbai

Charging ₹500 per person for groups of 8 and above ensures that tables are honoured and resources are managed efficiently, enhancing the dining experience for all.

  • Ditas, Mumbai

With a reservation fee of ₹500 per head, Ditas prioritises commitment from diners. It reduces the risk of no-shows and also ensures smooth operations.

  • POMPA, Mumbai

Charging between ₹500-1000 per person for larger groups, POMPA Bandra aims to maintain a high standard of service, especially during peak times.

  • La Loca Maria, Mumbai

A fee of ₹500 is charged for groups of 5 and above. It certainly ensures that reservations are honoured and resources are optimised.

  • La Panthera, Mumbai

With a reservation fee of ₹1000 on tables for 4 and above, La Panthera ensures a seamless dining experience for its guests.

  • Olive, Mumbai & Delhi 

While not a standard policy, Olive occasionally charges reservation fees for larger tables, ensuring resources are managed efficiently.

  • Papa’s, Mumbai

Taking the entire amount of the food tasting menu (of ₹6000) as a reservation fee ensures commitment from diners and smooth operations.

  • Inja, Delhi

Charging ₹1000 per person for table reservations of 4 and above, Inja prioritises an exceptional dining experience for every guest.

These restaurants are at the forefront of redefining the dining experience in India, prioritising commitment, efficiency, and service excellence. Craft Coffee, Kolkata, however, takes a cautious approach. It recognises the potential impact reservation fees can have on customer loyalty and trust. They prioritise understanding their customer base and café dynamics before implementing such changes.

Reservation fees will certainly become increasingly common, shaping the way we dine out.

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