All Licensed Venues In Dubai To Stop Serving Liquor Until Further Notice

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
All Licensed Venues In Dubai To Stop Serving Liquor Until Further Notice

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Dubai Police has now issued an order to all restaurants stating alcohol must not be served. All hotels which are licensed to serve alcohol must stop services immediately, until further notice. Keeping in mind residents’ health and safety, the Dubai Police Department of Criminal Investigations has banned serving alcohol.

What’s It?

Dubai now has a new rule for all hotels in the city. Restaurants and hotels are asked to stop serving alcohol with immediate effect. However, hotels are permitted to serve alcohol to guests via room service, but restaurants must cease serving alcoholic drinks immediately. The new comes just in time after all restaurants were shut down for two weeks, permitting only home delivery. On the other hand, hotels hosting guests are permitted to function normally, but must adhere to a set of strict rules.

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Further, malls in the UAE are now shut for an extended period, until 8 April. However, supermarkets and pharmacies are permitted to remain open 24 hours. Retail outlets and supermarkets have adhered to the new rule by installing placards and floor signs to educate customers on the same. Furthermore, trolleys are cleaned and sanitized every 15 minutes as a safety measure.

Additionally, the Dubai Police have been patrolling streets as well as monitoring public through drones. The government has issued strict orders asking residents not to leave their homes, unless it is absolutely essential.

What Else?

Dubai’s Crown Prince HH Sheikh Hamdan took to Twitter yesterday to share a message to the residents. In his tweet, HH Hamdan advised residents to stay indoors. He also warned that the global situation was worsening at a rapid pace and thanked the medical teams for their tireless efforts to keep us safe. He also urged residents to understand the seriousness of the new reality and that the pandemic is a real threat.

Hamdan also added that social distancing is not a matter of choice, but the need of the hour for us to stay safe.