American Airlines Flight’s Tyre Catches Fire During Take Off At Tampa; Passengers Shifted To A Replacement Flight

The entire incident was caught on camera.

by Sanjana Shenoy
American Airlines Flight’s Tyre Catches Fire During Take Off At Tampa; Passengers Shifted To A Replacement Flight

In the day and age of recurring airline snags hitting the news, here’s another concerning incident that happened recently. An American Airlines flight flying from Florida to Phoenix, narrowly avoided a major accident after one of its tyres exploded on the runway just a few seconds before takeoff. The entire airline incident was caught on camera.

American Airlines Flight  Heads Back To Tarmac After Tyre Catches Fire During Takeoff

On Wednesday at 8 am (local time), American Airlines Flight 590 was on the advent of a takeoff from Florida’s Tampa International Airport. As the flight started its journey on the runway, the right side of the tyre burst into flames. It caused fire sparks which were recorded on a viral video. Just a mere second before takeoff, smoke was seen emitting from the tyre. It sent a trail of smoke in the air, as seen in the video.

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There was a total of 174 passengers and six crew members on board and thankfully, no injuries were reported. The flight was taken back to the terminal. And passengers were shifted to a replacement flight. This technical snag didn’t affect other flight operations at Tampa International Airport. The viral video showed the flight taxiing on the runway. The video showed the plane spotter Captain Steven Markovich yelling “Emergency” and shouting that the flight was on fire. And there will be “stuff all over the runway”.

Recently, Another Flight Faced A Similar Mishap

This news comes after a United Airlines jet lost a tyre during takeoff from Los Angeles. The flight was able to land safely in Denver with no harm caused to passengers. The nearly 30-year-old Boeing lost a wheel which fell on a car parked in the employee parking lot. While this wheel shattered the car window, fortunately, no one was injured. And now the incident of a tyre catching fire during takeoff is the latest in this string of similar airline incidents this week.

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This is a wake-up call for airlines to survey their aircraft, especially those nearing 30 years.

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