Amid Black Rainstorm Concerns, Hong Kong Suspends Classes, Suggests WFH & Changes Train Timings

by Sanjana Shenoy
Amid Black Rainstorm Concerns, Hong Kong Suspends Classes, Suggests WFH & Changes Train Timings

Hong Kong is reeling under its worst-ever rainfall since the year 1884. It’s paralysed the nation as residents are wading through floodwaters, metro stations are submerged and motorists are stuck with their vehicles. And now the government has announced black rainstorm alerts. So, the authorities have urged companies to implement work-from-home; suspended classes and changed train schedules.

Hong Kong Reels Under Flashfloods & Black Rainstorm Concerns

As per an article by TimeOut, Hong Kong has suspended all school classes and urged companies to implement work-from-home for their employees. Hong Kong Observatory gave a black rainstorm warning at 11:05 pm last night as rains exceeded 70 millimetres per hour. The country suspended most of its bus services, especially on MTR lines.

When it comes to trains, Hong Kong has altered its timings and schedules keeping in mind the bad weather. Train serviced between Shek Kip Mei Station and Whampoa Station are now running at 6-minute intervals. Trains between Tiu Keng Leng Station and Choi Hung Station are operating at 12-minute intervals. Even Disneyland Resort Line, East Rail Line, Island Line and more have adjusted their services.

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Roads Flooded, Vehicles Floating, Flights Cancelled

The black rainstorm alert comes just days after Hong Kong faced its strongest typhoon in five years. Typhoon Saola, a super typhoon almost weakened to a Category-2 hurricane as it reached the nation. despite being weakened, it still shut down the city and led to hundreds of flight cancellations. The floods led to cars and other vehicles floating on roads and many were stuck till daybreak. The road was filled with landslides, tree debris and abandoned cars.

If you’re wondering what is black rainstorm? Then this is a warning given to regions where rains exceed 70 mm an hour. It’s an advisory that suspended classes in schools till this alert is lifted. And also includes a shelter-in-place for those caught in the torrential rains.

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A report by CNN states that multiple roads in Hong Kong are shut down especially in mountainous regions due to landslide threats amid the highest black rainstorm warning in 2 years.

If you’re in Hong Kong, make sure you follow the advisory and stay safe.

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