Amid Rising Tomato Prices, Someone Had The Guts To Make Tomato Ice Cream. Watch! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Amid Rising Tomato Prices, Someone Had The Guts To Make Tomato Ice Cream. Watch! 

Amid skyrocketing tomato prices, many households have replaced tomatoes with alternative ingredients to add zesty notes to homemade dishes. Many cafes and restaurants have also removed tomato-heavy dishes from their menus or even increased the prices for the same. In a world where basic desi tomato gravies are avoided, there’s a street food vendor making tomato ice cream. Check this out!

Street Vendor Prepares Tomato Ice Cream, Amid Rising Veggie Prices

Food vlogger, Rajan Mishra who goes by @aapkabhai_foody shared a video of a street food vendor making tomato ice cream in Delhi. While this video was originally posted in May, it’s getting viral on social media due to the current tomato issues. In the video, the street food vendor, first chops a tomato on the ice slab. Next, he pours caramel sauce around it. And then adds milk. The street food vendor quickly mixes the chopped tomato, milk and caramel sauce.


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He crushes the tomato pieces so it perfectly blends with the milk mixture. He then spreads the concoction thinly evenly over the ice slab. Next, he rolls them to form tomato ice cream rolls. Then, he places the tomato ice cream rolls, stacked one over the other, on a plate, drizzles it with caramel sauce and tops it with more chopped tomatoes.

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Netizens Ask For Roti & Pav To Eat This Unusual Dish

The comments section was filled with Netizens, expressing their displeasure with this tomato ice cream. One person commented that tomato prices are rising due to these antics. Another joked about wanting pav to eat this savoury ice cream. Then again another Netizen sarcastically commented, “Welcome to India”. Many others wondered if this was ice cream or burji. How about having ice cream with roti, asked yet another Netizen.

tomato ice cream

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Well, in times when tomatoes are super pricey, would you ever try this dish? Perhaps, in the street vendor’s defence, tomato is technically a fruit, which is pulpy and sweet, so why not put it into ice cream? If it makes you feel any better, London has a Heinz ketchup ice cream for adventurous foodies.

Meanwhile, what do you think of this video?

Cover Image Courtesy: @aapkabhai_foody/ Instagram