“Avocado Toast Cheaper Than Tomato Chutney,” Says Twitter User; Netizens Agree!

by Shreya Shriyan
“Avocado Toast Cheaper Than Tomato Chutney,” Says Twitter User; Netizens Agree!

Tomato prices in India are skyrocketing, leaving everyone scrambling for alternatives and cooking up creative solutions. And now, the situation has gotten so “rotten”, that one Twitter user showed Netizens how avocado toasts are seeming to be a cheaper option than tomato chutney with dosa. And of course, Netizens couldn’t help but agree. 

Avocado Toast Seems Cheaper Than Tomato Chutney, Says Twitter

On Twitter, a user by the name @_subiii_shared a comparison between avocado and tomato prices on an e-commerce platform. The screenshot shows avocados being sold for as low as ₹59, while tomatoes are retailing at ₹222 per kg. 

“In this economy, making avocado toast for breakfast is cheaper than dosa and tomato chutney”, said the user in her caption. And honestly, it seems almost correct. We’re not saying this, netizens are!

Other Twitter users were quick to jump to the comments section with their own experiences of having to use avocados. One user even said, “I’m actually jealous that you get an avocado for around 50 bucks.” While these users agree, some called out the original poster for “bad math”. 

One user went so far as to say that “ No it’s not. Your math teacher will commit suicide if you put out nonsense like this.” yikes! Quite harsh. But, mostly everyone agreed. 

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Seems Like Netizens Agree!

Like, this user, Vishal K Bharadwaj, @allVishal, agreed and shared pictures of the avocado toast he made twice last week. The user tweeted, “I made this on consecutive days last week, and I’ll do it again this week.”

And why wouldn’t they, tomato prices have reached insane heights! 

Tomatoes, a staple in Indian cooking, have experienced an unprecedented hike, currently selling at over ₹200 per kilo. Wholesale traders predict the prices may touch ₹300 soon. The surge has been linked to supply chain disruptions, weather conditions, and market dynamics.

In comparison, tomatoes’ soaring prices in India make avocados appear affordable. Once a luxury for the wealthy and upper-middle-class, avocados are now gaining popularity in certain regions of the country. They’re being used for breakfast toast, wraps, lunch salads, and sometimes just enjoyed as a fruit.

Wholesale traders predict that tomato prices may reach 300 per kilogram soon, and they also observe a general increase in vegetable prices.

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Kaushik, a member of the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), mentioned that vegetable wholesalers are experiencing losses due to a significant drop in sales. Especially of tomatoes, capsicum, and other seasonal vegetables, reported Money Control. 

What tomato alternative have you had to resort to in order to save your pockets? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image credits: Canva and @_subiii_ / Twitter