Amid The Rise of Medical Tourism, Ferns N Petals Launches MediJourney; A Unique Tourism Vertical

MediJourney comes with extraordinary services for people all throughout their journey.

by Shreya Ghosh
Amid The Rise of Medical Tourism, Ferns N Petals Launches MediJourney; A Unique Tourism Vertical

The travel and tourism world has been witnessing a transformation over the past decades. From travel enthusiasts’ preferences to the popularity of destinations, the overall travel experience has shifted and enhanced. Tourists do not explore places just for the sake of a holiday but today’s visitors aspire and wish to enjoy individuality and personalized experiences. Medical tourism provides the best of both healthcare and travel and it is growing as a global phenomenon

Ferns N Petals Recently Introduced A Tourism Vertical

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If you love purchasing gifts and presents, you surely know about India’s leading gifting brand, Ferns N Petals. Recently, the brand made the grand announcement of launching MediJourney. If you are wondering what is this launch all about, here we have answers to all your questions. Starting with defining it, MediJourney is a one-of-a-kind global medical tourism vertical that is here to set benchmarks in healthcare facilitation.

One of its biggest focuses is ensuring personalised well-being for people all around the world. MediJourney is known to be the foremost medical tourism platform and with a huge name comes huge responsibilities as well. The global medical tourism vertical provides a wide-ranging variety of healthcare facilities and services in the overall medical journeys.

Rishabh Jalan, MediJourney’s Co-founder, shared how the brand is redefining “global healthcare excellence by streamlining medical travel”. He mentioned how the brand’s facilities include facilitating visa arrangements, scheduling appointments, coordinating stays and travel, and offering personalised interpreter services.

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What All Does MediJourney Have In Store?

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The medical tourism vertical focuses on providing tons of services to customers, probably covering A to Z. Its healthcare services encompass different options such as medical visa support, expert consultations, Telemedicine, and follow-up care of patients after treatment.

One of the best parts about people involved with MediJourney is that the team members and staff are skilled in communicating in different languages. They are also endorsed by medical embassies. Their services focus on providing convenient and seamless experiences for patients.

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Medical tourism is seeing a surge all around the world and brands like this help people to trust companies and arrange for differnt necessities in the entire journey.

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