Amritsar Gets A New Haunt By Chef Suvir Saran & Chef Vardaan Marwah; Discover Tapas-Style Delights & Exquisite Cocktails!

Discover a memorable dining adventure!

by Mallika Khurana
Amritsar Gets A New Haunt By Chef Suvir Saran & Chef Vardaan Marwah; Discover Tapas-Style Delights & Exquisite Cocktails!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Lord Elgin Bar, a haven where global flavours meld with timeless elegance to create an unforgettable culinary adventure. Nestled within the lush environs of Elgin Café’s garden in Amritsar, this newly opened gem is the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Suvir Saran and culinary maestro Vardaan Marwah. Their combined genius has curated an exceptional menu that promises to take your taste buds on an exhilarating journey.

Lord Elgin Bar Redefines Opulence In Amritsar


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Imagine stepping into a high-roofed glass house, reminiscent of a bygone British pub. Here, every corner whispers tales of old-world charm infused with modern sophistication. Renesa Architects designed the space as a visual feast, mixing green, brass, and teak wood to create a luxurious and opulent setting. The centrepiece—a central curved bar illuminated by a stunning chandelier—effortlessly transitions from day to night, casting a warm glow that beckons you to indulge.

The menu at Lord Elgin Bar is a masterful fusion of progressive Indian and global flavours. They are certainly designed to elevate your cocktail experience. Start your culinary journey with the Keema Salli Pao, a tantalising dish that reimagines traditional Indian street food. Or perhaps the Lotus Zen Fry, an Asian-inspired delight, will catch your fancy. The assorted veggie crisps with dips offer a playful and satisfying snack for those who enjoy a bit of crunch.

But the true stars of the show are the desserts. Indulge in the ‘Textures of Chocolate,’ a decadent celebration of rich chocolate and caramel notes that will leave you craving more. And don’t miss the ‘Kulfi Pops,’ a delightful twist on Amritsar’s beloved falooda kulfa. It certainly offers a refreshing and nostalgic finish to your meal.

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Each dish is a testament to the creative brilliance of chefs Saran and Marwah. They have meticulously crafted a menu that balances innovation with tradition. The tapas-style offerings are perfect companions to the ingenious cocktails served here. 

The interior design of Lord Elgin Bar is just as captivating as its menu. Studio Renesa has created a multi-layered space that blends classic luxury with modern aesthetics. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered from the mirrored spaces to the cosy seating niches. The result is a space that feels both grand and intimate.

Elgin Hospitality, the visionary group behind Lord Elgin Bar, is dedicated to redefining luxury through sustainable practices. Founded by Kavish and Shruti Khurana, the group has a portfolio that includes Elgin Hall in Dalhousie, Elgin Café, and Grain by Elgin.

“We believe in the sustainable well-being of people, society, and our planet Earth,” says Kavish Khurana. “At Lord Elgin, our menu complements the vibrant atmosphere of our cocktail room, offering an array of light bites and tapas-style dishes crafted to accompany our eclectic cocktail selection.”

A visit to Lord Elgin Bar promises a memorable dining experience that blends creativity with culinary excellence.

Where: on left from Ivy hospital, Ajnala Rd, inside 2nd lane, D R Enclave, Bal Schander, Amritsar

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