Amsterdam’s Crane Hotel Is Putting Five Stars To Shame With Rotating Rooms & Panoramic View

by Vidisha Khaitan
Amsterdam’s Crane Hotel Is Putting Five Stars To Shame With Rotating Rooms & Panoramic View

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to visit Amsterdam over and over again, the amazing city has given us another. This time we won’t be able to resist. Seems like travel is on the charts. With mind blowing stay options, how can our wanderlust let us be! Your mind will be blown too. Crane Hotel Faralda is the new mark of luxury.

What is it

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a crane hotel! You heard it. Suspended 50 meters above ground, the 250-ton crane arches over the up and coming area of Noord. Hotel Faralda is built into an old industrial crane. It was deemed impossible to develop, but ambitious architects refused defeat. Three years later elite guests enjoy apartment style suites in the rotating luxury hotel. The crane turns when the winds run strong so be prepared for creaky movements unannounced. The archaic stairs and lifts were repurposed as a modern and fun design. Living in the property becomes an unforgettable experience because of the sheer absurdity of it. Hyper luxury is not associated with this kind of a structure and that’s why it’s the unique selling point.

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What’s more

With a 360-degree view of Amsterdam garnish the luxe features of the 5-star property. The hot tub is placed on top of the crane for magical relaxation where no one can see you, but you can see everyone. The old machine rooms were converted into gold class suites: Spirit, Secret and Mystique. The three suites are designed in the unique artistic nerves. The Free Spirit suite offers what it promises with its airy feel and peacock motifs. The secret suite is purple curtains and blue sheets for night-time feels. Mystique is just as glamorous as the other two with a free-standing bathroom and panoramic views.

If you thought this was it, imagine a day of unravelling in top notch spa services at the top of the world. The crane hotel also hosts a high-end TV broadcast studio for beautiful silver screen frames. Hollywood wasn’t going to miss out right. The suites are Amsterdam ‘s most expensive at ₹45,000 give or take. Developers spent the huge sum of £6,60,000 to bring the dying crane back to life.

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You can bungee jump off the top of the former agricultural crane! Feel the ground getting bigger as you take on this adventure. Why stop at only looking at the world from the top, why not just dive in headfirst to your most memorable vacation! The crane hotel also hosts music events at 15 meters above ground. Who’s who of Amsterdam will be jamming to live music or rocking to newfound talent at this unique location. The property does not have in-house food and beverages, but the area is a bustling hub of restaurants, bars and cafés. Parking for guests’ cars are available and if you’re arriving by private jet, that will be taken care of too. A private limousine will pick up the private jet party for a special welcome at the property.

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Image Credit: dailymail

The dockside harbour crane ‘The Grand Dame’ has transformed into this beautiful crane hotel Faralda. We can’t wait for our next trip to the Netherlands. This has changed the map of hotel styles and kickstarted a new wave of vacay. Everybody wants to get in on the trend!

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