Forget Loud Delhi Parties! Here Are Perfect Getaways You Can Escape To This New Year’s Eve

New year's eve
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan538

New Years Eve means friends, family and fun. It also means traffic, noise pollution and off from work. We’re smelling a getaway coming. Escape Delhi drama for a crazy NYE in your comfort zone. See which places are the most happening this New Year’s Eve!

Paraglide into 2020 at Bir-Billing

The first paragliding world cup was held here 2015 and since then the twin villages has turned into a permanent paragliding rager. Camp out and sleep under the stars in peaceful serenity, no interruptions. It’s about 500 km from Delhi, perfect for a two-day stay. This famous destination will allow you solitude in safety. Bir thrills is something a lot of people seek. We would jump at the chance to finally check this off out bucket list.

new year's eve

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Lose yourself in the green at Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

It’ll be like Delhi doesn’t even exist. This New Year’s Eve you can become a completely different person for the duration of one getaway. You could choose to stay there, change your identity and be missing your whole life, we support you. The only calls you’ll hear are birds and blues chirping to you. The pine leaves dance to winds and apple orchards in every backyard smile as you pass by. The town is constructed in ancient Himalayan feels for max escape vibes.

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Quality time with bae at Mt. Abu, Rajasthan

This humble hill station is not famous enough. It is the only hill station in the entire state. Boating in Nakki Lake, chilling at Sunset Point and romancing at Honeymoon Point, there’s room for everything at this tiny bombshell. The Dilwara temples are insanely famous for a glance at unique architecture. The Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary will fulfil your adventure needs so you can come back and have tea with the Aravallis.

new year's eve

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Luxury and lazy at Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

This is the place for ultimate relaxation. Escape Delhi into green pastures and chirping birds. Nature lovers will never want to come back to the city even with excessive NYE parties out of the way. There is a manmade lake, Bhulla Taal, in this paradise where one can go boating. The Shivalik Range makes for stunning views from ‘Tip-in-Top’. Trekking and birdwatching are tourist favourites around here.

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The artistic way to 2020 in Bikaner, Rajasthan

Thar dessert and golden hours is what this escape from Delhi looks like. The great desert kingdom boats of dazzling havelis built in Rajasthani royalty. The sand dunes and desert safari are major New Year’s Eve goals. Lakshmi Niwas Palace is a dream destination for any getaway. This regal extravaganza has gold-laden walls. The Northwest Frontier restaurant is decorated with pure gold. The new year is bound to be golden with a start like this.

new year's eve

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Find your wild side at Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

So near to Nainitaal and nothing like it; everybody knows and loves this tourist favourite. If you want to escape Delhi’s NYE hustle for an adventure of your own, don’t reject the clichés. It’s not just the amazing jeep safaris that has kept this place at the top of every getaway list since forever but it’s the luxury this resort offers in the middle of a jungle. The Kalagarh Tiger Reserve covering 300 sq. km of northern Jim Corbett can also be caught in action on your escape-Delhi-vacation!

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Make your own beat at Saat Taal, Uttarakhand

Seven freshwater lakes, interconnected by the Himalayan range, we’re sold! Delhi pollution is choking our New Year’s Eve aspirations. It’s time for a break and what better excuse to skip to the lap of nature than time itself. The year is ending, and we deserve this vacation, at least that’s what we can tell our guilt nerves to keep them from exploding. There’s no negativity amidst green and blue anyway.

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Travel back to years gone by at Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Travel back in time to the land of monuments and temples. Considered to be a favourite among some of the most offbeat places in the country, this is a beautiful family destination with lots to see. The heritage will make you forget all about noise and commotion. Best part: the town is flourishing by the banks of river Betwa. Kids love the grandiose of the forts. They also house great quiet nooks and corners for the solitude seekers. Jahangir Mahal, Ram Raja temple and the Chhatris are just enough to cover on New Year’s Eve.

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Forget about your problems, leave your worries behind. The troubles of the future can’t touch you because you’ve stopped in time. Make the most of your New Year’s Eve vacation because kal ho na ho!

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