Multiplexes Are So 2013, PVR Opens Delhi’s Biggest Superplex In Dwarka For The Ultimate Experience

pvr superplex
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 1830

The capital city is never short for entertainment and if ever such a situation shall arise, overcompensation is mandatory. Dwarka has paid the price of this injustice and is now set to reap the boon. It is to be compensated for damages caused by boredom. The reward will be big and first of its kind. Are you ready for the green nerve to explode?

What is it

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PVR cinemas unveiled a big surprise for Delhi NCR, the biggest ever. A 12 screen superplex is set to open in Dwarka Vegas Mall. November 15 is the big day when 1,850 Delhiites will be able to lose themselves on the silver screen, together. It is the chain’s biggest property in the Indian capital with an estimated investment of ₹70 crore. The residential neighborhood in the western side of the city is getting a huge vibe fix.

The 12 screens are all state of the art with 1 IMAX screen, 1 4DX screen and 7 mainstream screens. There are also 2 premium LUXE auditoriums and 1 auditorium dedicated to children called PVR Playhouse. Gone are the days when people from Dwarka cross the traffic just for a movie. It’s time for the rest of Delhi NCR to head the other way. Such a superplex is a huge attraction even in Delhi. We always think we have everything until our neighbours get the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB and you just have a plain old iPhone 11. You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you get it, right?

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What’s more


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BARKO 4K projection, Dolby 7.1 surround system and Dolby Atmos are going to change the way you see movies. There are 6 auditoriums which have NextGen 3D UHD screens. Plus, all the halls have recliner options for a whole new level of luxury. Dwarka PVR superplex is lined with smart lighting and digital art to flip your bad day as soon as you step foot into its modern art décor. Don’t forget the food, never forget the food. A gourmet menu awaits those who only like the finer things in life. Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd has curated an impeccable blend of flavours. You will find four new food and beverage concepts – Blends, Local, Wok and Grill, and Oven Fresh.

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PVR is giving INOX megaplexes a run for their money, first with the 15-screen Logix theatre in Noida and now this. Multiple formats are only possible in theatres of this scale and the PVR superplex in Dwarka offers 4. The largest film exhibition company just got larger than life and we are booking our tickets for first day first show to spread our wings silver style. Don’t worry, the distance is worth it!

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