Check Off Your Bucket List At The World’s Highest Bungee Jumping Now In Manali

by Vidisha Khaitan

Here’s a treat from the country to its people. Okay maybe not all people but we’re happy for sure. With the world’s highest bungee jumping spot coming to Manali, India will become the newest adventure hub now. Never thought you’d hear these words, right? Start planning your trip because Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and we can celebrate life over just one weekend without spending a fortune!

What is it

Picture Credit: Arun Mathew (for rep)

At 10,500 feet, thrill seekers will enjoy just the kind of shiver they like. The world’s highest bungee jumping point is set to open in a few months in our very own Himachal. The jumping point is Asia’s highest at 596 feet making not one but two records. The government foresees Manali as a tourist favourite. India wishes a spot on the global platform with ‘world’s highest, tallest, longest’ tags. Gulaba was recently adorned with the highest sky-cycling track in the world in a bid to further such superlatives. It is 1,148 feet long and 9,300 feet high in Manali.

What’s special

Get ready to leap! Our safety has been prioritized in more than one way. For starters, it’s a green jump. The construction will be environmentally safe, as per promises. There aren’t many specifics out yet but we have our pens ready. A 32mm cable will be fit across the gorge, a motorized cage will take the adrenaline junkies to the world’s highest jump site and we’ll get beautiful views of the valley. High costs and safety concerns are no longer roadblocks with state-of-the-art techniques being adopted from New Zealand and USA. No more summertime sadness for Delhiites with the world’s most sensational experiences just a bus ride away. Take the weekend to change your life!

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Wait there’s more

world's highest

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Kullu-Manali is our new old favourite destination with paragliding, river rafting, ziplines, skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, river crossing, canoeing, climbing expeditions, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, need we go on? But if you want to take the world’s highest plunge, make sure to go before 10 feet of snow overtakes your holiday plans.

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This is north India’s second but Himachal’s first and world’s highest bungee jumping site. Its absence was wrecking the badass image of Manali’s adventure sports. No one can complain anymore as India is not far behind, rather high up ahead in the world chart. Eco-friendly adventure sports are being introduced by the forest department of Himachal in Gulaba and Marhi below the Rohtang pass. Don’t jump to conclusions, just jump!

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