Arab Women Travelling To Europe Caught With Fake Residency Visa At Dubai International Airport; Deported!

by Deeplata Garde
Arab Women Travelling To Europe Caught With Fake Residency Visa At Dubai International Airport; Deported!

Dubai International Airport is renowned for its stringent rules and regulations. Everyone here is under the radar. Some get caught for the amount of gold they carry from the Emirates and some because of carrying illegal objects. But this Arab woman made it to the criminal list with a fake visa. Yes, this incident is a fresh one! A Mother of two girls was caught at the Dubai International airport with a fake residency visa while on her way to Europe.

Arab Woman Travelling With Fake Visa, Caught & Deported!

Fake Visa
Picture credit- Pixabay

The woman travelling to Europe with her daughters handed her passport to the staff member before takeoff. After having a glance, the staff member detected something fishy about the essential document. The staff member apparently suspected the woman’s residency permit might be a fake when she handed her passport to them just before the plane took off. Further investigation confirmed that the visa was fake, confirming his suspicions to be valid.

Denying forgery, the woman affirmed that she was unaware of the doings and that her husband was responsible for the given case. According to her, she was handed this visa by her husband while she resided in the country. The accused claimed that her husband informed her to travel to Europe via Dubai during the Public Prosecution’s investigations.

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Sentenced To Three Month Prison For The Crime

Fake Visa
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The judge announced the case with a sentence to prison for three months. But after analysing her difficult situation, the court showed certain leniency in punishing her for the crime. They ordered immediate deportation for the woman and her 3 & 5-year-old daughters that were accompanying her on the travel.

Residency cards that were allegedly issued by a European country were presented by the suspect to airline staff. However, the doubtful airline employee sent them to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Dubai International Airport for verification of the document. As suspected, they were found to be fakes.

The judge sentenced the woman to three months in jail after finding that it was improbable that she would do the same crime again. As a result of compassion, it was decided to deport the lady, postpone the prison sentence, and seize the fraudulent documents.

Do you think people at large get away with these kinds of scams at the airport?

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Dubai