Are You Ready To Take On UAE’s Hottest Noodle Challenge?

by Dhruv Maniar
Are You Ready To Take On UAE’s Hottest Noodle Challenge?

Under 140 Characters 

Miss Tess located in Taj Dubai has the ultimate spicy noodle challenge that takes place every Monday from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm. And, it surely comes with some huge perks if you complete the challenge. 

What Is It?

Can you or your friends handle spice? If yes, then head over to Miss Tess every Monday for the “UAE Hottest Noodle Challenge”. The challenge will cost AED 68, but if you win it, you get it for free with other additional benefits. You’d be presented with a huge bowl of noodles filled with red chillies which you’re expected to complete within 20 minutes!

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Credits: Giphy

Rules For The Challenge 

<Just YOU vs. Worlds Spiciest Noodles>

You would be given only 20 minutes to complete this challenge with NO Water, NO Bathroom Breaks, NO Milk, NO Ice. NO Relief. And if you think that is it, wait till you hear this; you are also disqualified if you vomit, grunt, belch or groan; they have a complete no mercy rule. 

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Credits: Miss Tess

What If You Complete The Challenge? 

If you complete the challenge in 20 minutes without breaking any rules then the spicy noodles are on them! Your photograph will also be framed on their Wall of Fame and lastly, you will receive 20% discount at Miss Tess for 1 year. 

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How To Participate

Think you’re the ultimate foodie? Would you like to participate in the upcoming challenge? Stay tuned on our Instagram handle for more announcements or write to us on


Location: Taj Dubai, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, Dubai
Contact: 0506504988
Cost: AED 375 for two people
Challenge Cost: AED 68

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