Virtual Tour Of Pune, Maharashtra

by Bianca Saurastri

Pune is often referred to as the cultural capital of Maharashtra  If you open your history books, then you will know that it was once ruled by the Peshwas & the Marathas and today if you search on google then it’s also called as the most favored city for the youngsters. We started our day by visiting Shaniwar Wada then headed to FC Road for breakfast at Vaishali’s & splurged on shopping at MG Road. We then headed to JM road to visit the Sambhaji Mark & Balgandharva Rang Mandir. Since we were in camp it was a must to visit Garden Vada Pav & Akhtar’s Samosa Corner. Post that we went to Aga Khan Palace and ended our night partying at Koregaon Park. That was surely a hectic and fruitful day of exploring the city.