As Italy Scorches Amid Alarming Heatwaves, Govt Asks Citizens To Avoid Sun Between 10 AM To 6 PM

by Shreya Ghosh
As Italy Scorches Amid Alarming Heatwaves, Govt Asks Citizens To Avoid Sun Between 10 AM To 6 PM

2023 has witnessed the worst side of the summer season so far. In fact, this year is still experiencing the highest temperatures and unbearable heat in many parts of the world. Summer season has always been a great time to explore Europe but the rise in temperatures has caused terrible problems for all the tourists exploring Europe this year. Italy is about to get hit by a severe heatwave and the visitors are being warned to stay indoors.

Italy Is Expected To Suffer A Horrible Heatwave

In the ongoing harsh weather and jump in scorching heat in this nation, the probable chance of a heatwave is a major concern. Italy has already experienced two alarming heatwaves in 2 months and the news of the third one is making the situation quite grim. 17 cities in Italy have been issued with a red alert for the upcoming heatwave, according to a report by The Independent. Predictions state that the weather will worsen this Wednesday.

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Travellers from within the country and overseas nations are exploring Italy right now. To avoid any major health issues and protect people from the surge in heat, the authorities recently issued a warning. They have asked everyone to avoid being outdoors and directly under the sun. Expectations are that the temperature will go beyond 40°C and the authorities advised everyone to avoid the sun from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Tuesday Recorded The Temperature Hitting 38°C

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Though the third heatwave is yet to arrive in this country, the weather is still heating up. On 22 August, the temperature soared to 38°C. It is about to see a rise in the upcoming couple of days. The worst part is that crowded cities might suffer the consequences of the third heatwave in the next few days.

From wildfires to power cuts to visitors falling sick on the road, the present conditions in Italy are scary when it comes to the rise in the scorching heat. Not just this country, but Greece and several European countries faced the worst impacts of summer and intolerable heat in the past few weeks.

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Follow all the rules issued by the government and stay indoors.

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