At 23 Degrees, Bangalore Is Cooler Than Most Indian Hill Stations Right Now!

by Sanmita A
At 23 Degrees, Bangalore Is Cooler Than Most Indian Hill Stations Right Now!

It won’t be wrong to say we are experiencing crazy weather changes in most of our cities. For instance, Delhi is burning hot, Bangalore is cold like winters. Bangalore recorded a maximum temperature of 23 degrees on Thursday, May 12. The weather department said that the sudden dip in the temperature is due to the rains from cyclone Asani.

Weather reports also suggest heavy rain and thunder in parts of southern, coastal Karnataka, and northern interior Karnataka in the next two days.

Coldest Day In May In Last 10 Years

On Thursday, May 12, Bangalore experienced the coldest day in 10 years. We hope Bangaloreans had a great time sipping hot chocolate and coffee that day!

Hill stations like Mahabaleswar recorded a temperature of 25 degrees; Shimla too had a maximum temperature over 25 degrees on Thursday. Sounds bizarre, right? But that is what it was.

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What To Do On A Rainy Weekend?

However, brace yourselves for a downpour over the weekend. Try to plan your day indoors, or if you love visiting cafes on rainy days, don’t stop yourself from going there and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Do a movie marathon, bake or cook something delicious, or simply enjoy a nice cup of chai and pakodas at home. For the ones who do not want to be stuck in their homes and have gloomy weather blues, plan a delightful getaway at some nice property in and around Bangalore. We are sure you’ll have a great time there. Read on: Staycation At Golden Palms Hotel & Spa In Bengaluru

Oh, yes, do not miss a long nap; it’s the weekend.

It is a good time for the people who love the rain and soak in the hill station vibes while in the city.

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