At This Jaipur Stall, Get 10 Puris With Sabzi For Just ₹30 & Netizens Can’t Believe It!

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by Sanjana Shenoy

When it comes to street food, do you ever feel sceptical to eat at a stall that serves super cheap food or does it excite you? This time, you better get excited because it’s unbelievably true! A food vlogger came across a Jaipur stall where you can get 10 puris with sabzi for just ₹30. If you think ₹30 can’t buy you the good stuff, let this couple, running the stall, prove you wrong.

Jaipur Food Stall Run By Husband-Wife Sells Puris & Sabzi For Just ₹30

A Facebook food page named Foodies.aao discovered a small food stall in Jaipur serving a delicious meal, guaranteed to fill the bellies and hearts of customers. Run by a husband-wife duo, this food stall serves an entire puri-sabzi meal for just ₹30. Not 4, not 5, not 6, you can get 10 puris with sabzi and chutneys for just ₹30. The best part is that the puris are fried fresh right in front of you. Moreover, you can choose between two sabzis — aloo sabzi or chole. Tomato and garlic chutneys and spiced green chillies are served on the side.

The video by Foodies.aao shows the couple working hard at their puri-sabzi stall. They roll the dough, fry the puris and they serve generous portions of curry. A great example of hard work and determination is the husband and wife, who start work at 7:30 am in the morning and go on about their day all the way till 2 pm in the afternoon. Their hard work definitely bears fruits. A regular customer at the stall smackingly eats his meal, while revealing he can easily down 50 to 70 puris in one go. And that would just cost him ₹150 to ₹210.

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Netizens Find It Unbelievable!

Another customer vouched for the meal and said everyone should try it to know it. And we agree! In no time the video went viral, garnering 926k views and over 5000 likes. Netizens were super impressed by it and found it unbelievable. Many touted it to be a good deed as no one can go hungry or empty-stomached from this stall. Others encouraged everyone to eat from a stall where street vendors work so hard. And then many more bookmarked it on their next visit to Jaipur.

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What do you think about this Jaipur stall serving 10 puris with sabzi for just ₹30?

Cover Image Courtesy: Foodies.aao/ Facebook