Athirapally In Kerala Has The Most Scenic Waterfalls That You Can’t Miss

by Kritika Kukreja
Athirapally In Kerala Has The Most Scenic Waterfalls That You Can’t Miss

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Being one of the gems in India, Athirapally in Kerala has picturesque waterfalls and is the ultimate paradise for people bitten by the travel bug.

What Is It?

If you’re looking for a magnificent place to satisfy the nature lover inside you, Athirapally could make the cut. With majestic waterfalls, dense green forests and refreshing rivers, this land is surely the personification of nature’s true beauty in Kerala. Whether you’re going there in the spring, monsoon or winters, it has something amazing to offer.

The Chalakkudy river, Charpa and Vazhachal forest are ideal to visit during the rainy season. The rivers are swollen and the upstreams are overflowing. Next, the Athirapally waterfall and the 140 hectares of forest land are the scenic attractions for all tourists visiting the area. Even if you would like to just lay down by the stream and enjoy some moments of peace, you will have fresh water all around you enveloping you into a ball of serene beauty.

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Athirapally, Kerala
Athirapally, Kerala

What Are The Best Attractions Around The Area? 

Athirapally falls is one of the largest in the state falling from the Sholayar ranges from over 80 feet. Around the dense forest area along with the little streams, you can spot many endangered species of animals and birds. The Wildlife Association of India has claimed this as a very fragile but abundant ecosystem in the country. Any disruption of this ecosystem will cause disaster and extinction of many endangered species.

Apart from exploring the animals and birds, you can also explore the Vazhachal forest. Jungle safaris through the forest and the waterfalls can be indulged in. These safaris extent beyond the range of 90km letting your explore all the flora and fauna in the area of the Chalakkudy river, Athirapally falls, Butterfly garden, Kauthukapark, and Thumboormuzhy Dam. 40km of this safari will  include dense forest land, wildlife patch, tea gardens and hill peaks. 

Athirapally, Kerala
Vazhachal forest area

How To Get There?

If you’re choosing the road route, Athirapally is nearly 150 km from Coimbatore. You will have to get through NH 47 along with Chalakudy road and then enter the Athirapally area. 

You can arrive at Coimbatore via airplane or train. The other nearest location would be Trivandrum and Cochin.

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Best time to visit: Athirapally gets heavy rainfall each year, but the weather is pleasant. It can go up to 38 degree Celsius during the summer so that wouldn’t be an ideal time. During the autumn and winter months its perfect owing to the receding rains and cooling down of the weather conditions.

Athirapally, Kerala


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