Atul Kulkarni Has A Task For Us & We’re Ready To Take It On

by Mallika Khurana
Atul Kulkarni Has A Task For Us & We’re Ready To Take It On

Bollywood has many actors who are known by their names. Even if we haven’t watched any of their movies, we will know of them. However, there are only a few who make a strong mark with their skills. Even if they are not playing the lead roles in commercial movies, the audience will never fail to recognise their talents. One such amazing actor is Atul Kulkarni, a national award winner and master of his craft. A hardcore foodie and travel enthusiast, Atul joined us on this Tere Gully Mein episode and gave us a wonderful insight into his life. Don’t miss the episode and watch the full video right away.

Atul Kulkarni Says There Is No Maharashtrian Cuisine

Every time we think of Maharashtrian food, we resort to options like puran poli, kothimbir vadi, etc. Well, guess what? We might be entirely wrong. When we asked Atul Kulkarni where we could find the best Maharashtrian food, he gave us an enlightening answer and revealed that the cuisines in Maharashtra are endlessly diversion. In every region, there is a different spice palette and different recipes.

From Malvani food in the coastal areas of Konkan to food in Marathawada, these are all technically Maharashtrian food and yet so different. According to him, even puran poli isn’t a Maharashtrian delicacy. Rather, there are different variations hailing from different regions of the state. And then came the task! Atul Kulkarni advises to create awareness that there is no Maharashtrian cuisine in particular. Instead, the state offers a mix of cultures and cuisines from different regions.

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He Played An Interesting Game With Us

Atul Kulkarni Tere Gully Mein
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After we established the diversity of cuisines available in Maharashtra, it was time to make it fun and tricky for Kulkarni to choose between amazing dishes. In this game, we offered him a few pairs of dishes and he had to choose one out of each. First, we asked him to choose between kothimbir wadi or vada pav and he chose the first one. Next, he chose puran poli over shrikhand, sabudana khichdi over poha, sol kadhi over kairiche panhe, modak over aamras, bombil over pithla bhakri. He made many more interesting choices in the game before we headed to another restaurant for more yummy food.

To know all about the fun and food that followed, check out the full video!

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