Australia To Tighten Visa Rules For Students & Low-Skilled Workers In Bid To Reduce Migration

The Australian authorities have decided to reduce its migrant intake and tighten visa rules for students and low-skill workers.

by Shreya Rathod
Australia To Tighten Visa Rules For Students & Low-Skilled Workers In Bid To Reduce Migration

Australia is one of the countries where several people migrate in search of jobs and education. However, with an increasing number of migrants, they are facing issues with illegal immigrants. Therefore, the Australian authorities have decided to tighten the visa criteria for students and low-skilled workers and to reduce the immigration intake.

Australia To Tighten Visa Rules For Students & Low-Skilled Workers

australia visa and migration
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In an effort to fix the migration system, Australia said that it would tighten visa requirements for foreign students and low-skilled workers. Further, possibly reducing its immigration intake over the following two years. The new requirements will require overseas students to do better on English proficiency tests. A student’s second visa application to prolong their stay will be examined more carefully.

According to Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil, their strategy will bring migration back to normal. Further, he states that this is more than just numbers, it is about the future of Australia. He claims that the government’s targeted initiatives are already exerting downward pressure on net overseas migration and will further bolster the anticipated decline in the immigrant population.

The system needs to be fixed, according to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who said over the weekend that Australia’s immigration levels need to be lowered to a sustainable level. The decision was made in response to predictions that net immigration will hit a record high of 510,000 in 2022–2023. Official estimates predicted that it would fall to about a quarter of a million in 2024–2025 and 2025–2026, or about pre–COVID levels.

International students will be the main factor driving the growth in net overseas migration in 2022–2023.

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Rise In Homelessness In The Nation

australia visa and migration
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Australia increased its yearly migration figures last year to assist companies in hiring workers. It has imposed stringent border controls and prevented foreign workers and students from entering the country for almost two years.

However, the sudden surge of foreign workers and students has further tightened the already restrictive rental market, given the rising rate of homelessness in the country. According to a Sydney Morning Herald study, 62% of Australian voters thought that the nation’s immigration intake was too high.

Australia’s Labour government has long relied on immigration to fill one of the world’s most competitive labour markets. They are pushing to expedite the entry of highly skilled immigrants and expedite their road to permanent residency.

With a one-week processing time, a new speciality visa for highly talented individuals will be established. Further, assisting firms in attracting top talent amidst fierce competition from other developed economies.

Canada Visa:

Earlier, Canada had decided to tighten its visa rules for foreign students. The country’s immigration minister Marc Miller stated that they are ready to take the required actions. It includes severely restricting the number of visas granted, to guarantee that approved educational institutions offer sufficient and appropriate student support. The number of foreign students studying in Canada has nearly tripled in the last ten years, reaching over 800,000 last year.

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