Australia Tourist Visa From India Through Working Holiday Maker Visa Programme

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Australia Tourist Visa From India Through Working Holiday Maker Visa Programme

A work vacation you say? It isn’t all that bad people! A new country to explore and making some money while you’re there too? It’s possible now! Australia has got just the programme for you, their working holiday maker visa programme which enables people to travel to their country and also earn their keep. It is now extended to India! And they’re working on including some other countries as well. So now you get that Australia tourist visa from India through this programme! Get all the deets here.

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The Programme

The working holiday maker visa programme is sort of like a cultural exchange programme itself. Through this visa, your bill allowed a short stay in Australia and be able to work there also. The programme will make it possible for you to travel and explore all that Australia has to offer while also gaining work experience and earning your own income. It sure is encouraging us to travel! Especially now that it’s applicable for Indians. It’s like an Australia tourist visa from India,

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Why This Programme?

So why did the need arise for this programme and its renewal of application to certain countries? This is because Australia has been facing an acute shortage of labour force. This is most urgently required in the sprawling Australian farms. And so, to increase output and more participation, the extension of this programme was made to India.

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What Else?

Apart from India, the other countries that can now avail this visa programme, as well as Indians, are Switzerland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Philippines, Monaco, Mexico, Andorra, Brazil, Fiji and Solomon Islands. People from all the above-listed countries, especially the youth, may now obtain the working holiday maker visa to travel to Australia for a short period of time and also be able to work there. Kudos to a great work-life experience in Australia people with this Australia tourist visa from India that lets you work as well! And while you’re there, check this out to get the best of Australia:

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