Australian Restaurant To Use ‘Bumper Tables’ For Social Distancing

by Gizel Menezes
Australian Restaurant To Use ‘Bumper Tables’ For Social Distancing

Have you ever associated the term social distancing with fun? Never right? Well, this Australian restaurant’s creativity amidst the pandemic is sure to change your mind. The restaurant is introducing the concept of “bumper tables” in its outdoor area. These tables will help diners from getting too close to each other while also ensuring that they have some fun.

Australian Restaurant Introduces Bumper Tables

Fish Tales Bar & Grill, a restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, is adding a new dining experience to its bar and restaurant. Called “bumper tables, these tables feature a hole in the center to accommodate customers. The table also moves on wheels, thus allowing guests move about freely, while helping them maintain a 6-foot distance from each other.

Shawn and Donna Harman, owners of Fish Tales, have purchased around 10 of these bumper tables and plan to place them in a roped-off area of the restaurant’s parking lot. According to them, the tables will be used for customers who are waiting for tables or for those sitting at the bar.

Not only is the idea novel and fun, but according to Shawn, it makes for a ‘great photo opportunity’ too. The feature will also make it easier for restaurant staff to enforce social distancing norms.

Social Distancing, Fish Tales style

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Bumper Tables Ensure Social Distancing While Having Fun

While restaurants around the world are reopening with reduced seating capacity, most of them haven’t introduced mechanisms to keep patrons safe. Keeping this in mind, Baltimore-based company called Revolution Event Design & Production came up with this fun idea of bumper tables. According to them, the design of the tables allows people to practice social distancing while helping them enjoy in outdoor settings.

While Fish Tales has introduced the outdoor version of the bumper tables, the company has also designed an indoor version of it without the inner tube. It hopes to sell them to other restaurants and rent them for events.

Meanwhile, Maryland has entered Stage 2 of the its coronavirus recovery plan. However, indoor dining at restaurants and bars has still not been allowed. But we’re sure that when dining resumes, people are going to enjoy this ‘cool version’ of social distancing at a restaurant.

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