Paris Restaurant Tests ‘Plastic Shields’ To Ensure Safe Dining

by Gizel Menezes
Paris Restaurant Tests ‘Plastic Shields’ To Ensure Safe Dining

As restaurants around the world seek to resume in-person dining services amid the pandemic, they’ve been forced to look for creative ways to attract customers. In one such attempt, a Parisian restaurant has suspended plastic shields over individual diners for a safe and futuristic-looking dining experience.

paris restaurant plastic shield
Image Courtesy: Times Union

Parisian Restaurant Suspends Plastic Shields Over Diners

In what looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie, Parisian restaurant H.A.N.D. has come up with a rather unique solution to keep its patrons safe. The restaurant has installed clear plastic shields around the dining table. These shields hang from the ceiling and surround each diner, thus ensuring a safe and social-distancing-approved dining experience.

The plastic shields are a prototype called Plex’Eat and are made of plexiglass. They’ve been specially created by French designer Christophe Gernigon. Gernigon was inspired to create the design after he visited a store in Bangkok where ‘people would sit and listen to music in three individual chair domes’.

Mathieu Manzoni, director of H.A.N.D., thinks that the plastic shields are “pretty” and “more poetic” compared to other solutions to keep diners safe. According to him, this model is not just aesthetically pleasing but will also allow restaurants to maintain existing capacity.

Currently, the Parisian restaurant is just testing the design and is the only restaurant showcasing it. However, according to The Sun, other restaurants have been intrigued by this model too. So we might soon end up seeing this design in other places too.

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paris restaurant plastic shield
Image Courtesy: Gulf News

Many Restaurants Have Come Up With Creative Ways To Ensure Safe Dining

If you find the plastic shields at H.A.N.D strange, well, the creativity doesn’t stop here. Restaurants around the world are exploring different ways to resume services and attract customers. Some are trying tactics like draping the dining room in shower curtains, or are filling empty seats with mannequins. In Amsterdam, a restaurant is seating customers in small greenhouses.

There are some extremely funny innovations too. For example, a German Cafe is giving its patrons hats with pool noodle to ensure social distancing.

Well, what can we say, innovation is the need of the hour now! And we’re glad that our traditional dining experience is going to get a bit more adventurous.

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