Amsterdam Restaurant Now Has ‘Quarantine Dining’

by Suchismita Pal
Amsterdam Restaurant Now Has ‘Quarantine Dining’

Now luxury dining and social distancing can go hand in hand. A dutch eatery, Mediamatic Eten, located in Amsterdam, has come up with a unique dining experience, by setting up special quarantine cubicles or greenhouses. They are calling this new, timely concept, Serres Sépparées, which means ‘separate greenhouses’. This one-of-its-kind service is going to start in the restaurant on 21st May, 2020. Scroll down to know more.

What’s Happening?

The guys at Mediamatic Eten have created transparent cubicles that promise to render an ‘intimate dinner experience’ of a lifetime, by the magnificent Oosterdok waterside of Amsterdam. The company was planning to inaugurate its renovated restaurant soon. But now they have taken to Instagram, stating that since it isn’t easy to open a restaurant with limited space at present, they are building these ‘safe and intimate’ homes ‘for partners to reconnect, with the outside world at their own leisure.’

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What’s More?

Before launching the services for the general public, the company has been arranging trial seatings with families and friends of the employees. They are taking up this step to ensure that they offer an environment to their customers that’s hygienic and friendly at the same time. Also, all the waiters will wear face masks and protective clothes and will serve the dishes on long planks.

To be a part of this stunning experience, the guests will have to pre-book their tables. The restaurant is currently offering a two-person ticket. For an extra person, a charge of €40 ( nearly ₹3278.84 ) has to be paid at the door. The restaurant has however notified that they will go ahead with the opening only after receiving permits from the local and national authorities. If they do not get the nods, they will refund the tickets.

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Wishing that a similar set up comes up near your home too? Well, we’re daydreaming too! Not every time we can dine inside a glass box while overlooking a pacified cityscape, free from the regular hustle-bustle.