Australian Woman Denied Bail After Running On Tarmac To Stop Flight; To Appear In Court Today

by Tooba Shaikh
Australian Woman Denied Bail After Running On Tarmac To Stop Flight; To Appear In Court Today

A video recently posted on Facebook went viral and gripped the Internet. It showed an Australian woman running on the tarmac to stop a flight. Consequently, she was arrested. According to the caption of the video posted on the social media website, the woman was denied bail and is scheduled to appear in court today. Here is everything that you would want to know about this particular video that has now gone viral.

Australian Woman To Appear In Court Today After Being Denied Bail

Recently, a video of a woman running onto the tarmac recently went viral. A short video posted on Facebook shows the woman walking under the plane. She was identified as a woman of Australian nationality as per reports that covered the incident. The woman, who missed the flight just by a smidge, tried to stop it by waving to the pilot.

According to an article recently published by the Hindustan Times, she sprinted past the airport security onto the tarmac and waved to the pilot to stop the plane from leaving. However, as anyone would have guessed, this did not work and she was arrested for pulling this stunt. The incident took place at the international airport in Australia’s Canberra.

The woman was supposed to board the flight by the regional carrier QantasLink to Adelaide. However, she failed to be on time. After being arrested, bail was denied to her, as per the caption of the Facebook post through which the video was shared. The woman will appear in court today to further the hearing on the matter.

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Increase In Passenger Misdemeanours

Australian woman tarmac
Image Credits: Canva Images

If you’ve been following aviation news, you might have noticed that misdemeanours on flights have increased quite a lot. It seems that every other day there is a new report of a passenger misbehaving with a crew member or with any other co-passenger. Inebriation is a common thread in many such incidents.

Recently, the famous Indian actor Sayani Gupta took to her Instagram account and shared a mini-rant on the matter. She said that Indian men on flights “are the f****** worst”. Her rant highlighted the lack of civic sense and basic mannerisms that Indian men exhibit on flights. Her rant evoked a number of responses.

While many agree Indians do showcase an alarming lack of manners on flights, they thought that singling out men, in particular, was uncalled for. However, many did agree with her rant and narrated their own tales of the gross behaviour they witnessed on flight by men.

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Have you ever witnessed such an incident before? And do you think Indian men on flight are the worst? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @FL360aero/Facebook

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