Auto-Rickshaw Fares In Delhi Have Hiked By 18% And We’re Glad Autowalas Don’t Use Meters

by Angel Srivastava
Auto-Rickshaw Fares In Delhi Have Hiked By 18% And We’re Glad Autowalas Don’t Use Meters

Attention Delhiites, the State Transport Authority has revised auto fares in Delhi and you are going to be really thankful that the auto-walas in Delhi don’t use the meter yet! A rise of 18 per cent was announced in the auto-rikshaw fare, and has been implemented since Tuesday, 19th July. Here is all the information you need to know about the newly declared auto fare before getting into an auto.

Image Credits: Observer Research Foundation

What Is it?

On Tuesday, July 19th the State Transport Authority declared that Delhi is going to see considerable hike in the prices of the auti-rickshaw fares. The details of the hike we tweeted by Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot.

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The new fare came into effect on Tuesday earlier this week. According to the statement, now instead of paying Rs 25 for the first twi kilometers, passengers will have to pay Rs 25 for the first 1.5 km and then Rs 9.5 per km for the remaining journey. An extra charge of 7.5 Rs will also be levied in case there is any extra luggage.

Image Credits: Odisha Sun Times

A waiting charge has been set of Rs 0.75 per minute. This charge will also be applicable in case the auto is stuck in traffic, or moving at a speed of less than 1 km per 10 minutes.

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An extra 25% will be charged on the original fare between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am.

What’s More?

Since the auto-walas in Delhi are popular for never abiding by the meter, people did voice this concern over twitter.

The meters of nearly 1 lakh autos in the city need to be recaliberated. This will be done by the weights and measure department of the Delhi Govt. who have their counters in different parts of the city. Since these are a lot autos, it will take them at least a month’s time to get done with all the meters.

But even then, what do you think? with a much profitable deal in case of using meters, will the auto-walas begin using the meters, or as usual ignore them?