Bambai Nazariya Chai House In Mumbai Is Run By Transgender People & Welcomes Everyone

Bambai Nazariya
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 674

For years, transgenders have been subject to unwanted discrimination. But just because they have a special gender does not mean that they cannot live a normal life. They deserve equality in education and jobs as well. It is high time people at large need to change their nazariya. That’s the message of the cafe Bambai Nazariya. It offers delectable food amid a highly chic, contemporary pastel washed ambience. The interiors of the cafe are decked with pretty knick-knacks, photos and slogans that are quirky and impactful at the same time. They say, “Nazariya Badlo, Nazaara Badlega”.


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A Chic Cafe That Reflects Love And Demands Equality

Cocooned amid the production houses in Aram Nagar 2, lies the cute pink chamber of Bambai Nazariya that will welcome you to its warmth with touching hospitality. The moment you step into the cafe, you will be greeted by smiling faces and all that they want in return is a look from you ‘Pyar se‘. The cafe is an epitome of their self-sufficiency and their perfection reflects in the food as well as the decor. A golden framed mirror, kettles, kaleidoscopic lamps, murals, plants and much more make the space a stunning piece of art. A gramophone and some movie posters here pay a tribute to the old world of Mumbai.

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Try Out The Special Pink Tea At This Cafe

From croissants, cream rolls, sandwiches and lasagnas to quiches, puffs and croquettes, the cafe offers many hearty food options, along with beverages like tea and coffee. Also, while at the cafe, you must try its special pink tea.

This is a small beginning of a much-needed change that we all need to bring on. Kudos to the efforts of the owners!


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