Banana, Chikoo In Chai! The Blasphemous Fruit Chai Costs ₹200. Food Crime Bureau Kahan Hai?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Banana, Chikoo In Chai! The Blasphemous Fruit Chai Costs ₹200. Food Crime Bureau Kahan Hai?

To make a dish popular, it has less to do with taste or price and more to do with atrangi marketing gimmicks. Take the case of the recent viral video on the Internet of Fruit Chai sold at the IAS Chaiwala stall. The street food vendor claims to sell “the first fruit chai in the world” for a whopping ₹200 per cup. This is a garam chai ki pyali, you may want to pass!

IAS Chaiwala Sells Fruit Chai For ₹200

Twitter account, Hasna Zaroori Hai shared a video of a unique chai found in India, one with a fruity taste. Shared on their Twitter handle, @HasnaZarooriHai, the video shows a smartly dressed chaiwala, wearing a blue shirt, grey pants and sunglasses, explaining to customers what’s in store. The vendor claims that this fruit chai at IAS Chaiwala is the first of its kind, not even served at 5-star hotels.

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“If you haven’t tried this, assume you haven’t tried anything”, says the vendor confidently. In a vessel brewing chai, he goes on to add whole peeled bananas and ripe chikoos. He explains in the video that one must just put milk, tea leaves, sugar and fruits, nothing extra. “Otherwise, the taste may differ”, he says. And then, the vendor goes on to pour the chai in the cup “for the first time ever”, he claims.

Netizens Say ” Museum Mein Daalo Isko”

What does the fruit chai cost? A whopping ₹200 per cup as it’s very exclusive and not even available at 5-star hotels, as per the eager IAS Chaiwala. So, what do Netizens have to say about this garam chai ki pyali? “Museum mein rakho isko”, says one Twitterati. Others called this drink “nautanki” for attention on social media. Others comment that he must be jailed for creating just blasphemous varieties of chai.

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Meanwhile, what do you think about this Fruit Chai? Would you ever dare to put cut fruits in your freshly brewed tea? We are certainly taking a step back from fusion teas. *brb making myself good ol’ adrak wali chai*

Cover Image Courtesy: @HasnaZarooriHai/ Twitter