Bandra Fair 2023: Take A Look At The Stunning Mount Mary Church Adorned With Lights At Sunset

by Shreya Rathod
Bandra Fair 2023: Take A Look At The Stunning Mount Mary Church Adorned With Lights At Sunset

Bandra in Mumbai is known for the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount Bandra, AKA Mount Mary Church. The church holds a special place in the hearts of Mumbaikars, especially those who live in Bandra. It is a site for the annual festival of the nativity of St. Mary, the Bandra Fair. This year, some beautiful pics of the festival are circulating the social media.

Bandra Fair 2023: The Beautiful Mount Mary Church Adorned With Lights

Annually, Bandra hosts a week-long fair known as Bandra Fair. It begins at Mount Mary Church in Bandra on the Sunday after September 8, which is the feast day of Mary’s Nativity. The Bandra Fair is thought to be 300 years old or so. This year, there are several beautiful pics of the festival that have surfaced on social media. One of them is the beautiful Mount Mary church decorated with lights.

The images show the basilica standing tall with twilight shining in the backdrop. You could also see people praying and the cross illuminated above them. Other pics were of the Ferris wheel and other games, also illuminated with different colours of light. And it looked simply mesmerising!

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According to a tale, the fair began when, between 1700 and 1760, a statue of St. Mary that a Koli Christian fisherman had dreamed about was discovered drifting in the Arabian Sea. The Monti Fest, which Goans and Mangaloreans both celebrate in conjunction with the Nativity of Our Lady, is comparable to Bandra Fest.

The Annual Festival Is Popular

Every year, the Fair attracts thousands of pilgrims and enthusiasts and thousands of people go to the Our Lady of Mount shrine. People of different faiths visit the shrine and offer prayers of thankfulness to Mary.

Additionally, several booths sell religious memorabilia and candles. Pilgrims use the steps on the eastern side to leave the Mount after seeing the basilica. Sweets are also sold at the fair stalls, including guava cheese, kadio bodio, mawa peda, halva, and chikki. Pilgrims can relish them at the stalls lining both sides of the path down.

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