Bangalore Auto Driver Accepts Rides On Diff Apps At Same Time; Netizens Ask If It’s Time Travel

by Shreya Shriyan
Bangalore Auto Driver Accepts Rides On Diff Apps At Same Time; Netizens Ask If It’s Time Travel

Everyone who lives in an urban city and uses ride-hailing apps like Uber and Ola understands the struggle of trying to secure a ride. Often, we end up resorting to both apps simultaneously to increase our chances of getting a ride. But, what if your driver is also doing this to secure more customers? This viral tweet from Bangalore shows one such instance of an auto driver accepting rides on two apps simultaneously and the Internet is convinced it’s “time travel.”

Bangalore Auto Driver Accepts Rides On Different Apps At The Same Time

A user named @design_melon_ tweeted something intriguing on X (formerly Twitter). The tweet hinted that an auto driver in Bangalore is taking rides on various ride-hailing apps simultaneously, making it seem like time travel.  In the tweet, the user shared a picture of two mobile phones, both displaying different app screens. Judging by the screen, it was evident that the driver had accepted rides from two different customers, but together. 

The user captioned his picture in the tweet saying ‘2 different locations, 2 different apps and 2 different phones’. He also wrote in his caption how despite the locations being different, it was still the same driver and the same auto servicing both the app users. 

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How Did The Netizens React?

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Image Credits: Canva (Representative Image)

While his tweet prompted one user to say “defeating space-time continuum” indicating that the driver was “time travelling,” another user curiously proceed to ask “What happened next?”.  And honestly, we want to know too!

This might sound unbelievable, but it also shows how Bangalore’s urban mobility is changing. As per an India Today report, auto-rickshaw drivers in busy Bangalore, are adopting technology to improve services and expand their customer reach. 

Leading this digital shift is the Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union (ARDU), which has introduced creative apps such as ‘Namma Yatri’ and ‘Metro Mitra’, reported India Today. In the past, reports of the free bus ride scheme affecting the auto business in Bangalore were on the rise. 

So, it makes sense that riders on the app, just like us, are doing everything they can to double the chances. While we’re using it to get a ride, they’re using the trick to double their chances of an income.  Whether it’s fair play or not, we leave it up to you.

But one thing’s for sure, Bangalore’s auto drivers definitely know how to adapt to a situation and figure out a way. Or maybe two ways? Simultaneously? At least, that’s what this driver did! 

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Have you ever come across such a bizarre incident? If so, let us know in the comments. 

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and @design_melon_ / Twitter