Bangalore Auto Driver With QR Code On Smartwatch For Payments Has Us All Impressed

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore Auto Driver With QR Code On Smartwatch For Payments Has Us All Impressed

Peak Bangalore moment is the perfect way to describe things that only happen in the Tech City! And when it comes to auto rides in Bangalore, the stories are endless— interesting, inspiring, hilarious, mindboggling and even debatable at times. This time, a Bangalore auto driver displayed a QR code on his smartwatch for a customer to make a payment. And it’s left us all on the Internet, impressed.

Auto Driver Has Tony Stark Level Swag As He Shows His Smartwatch With QR Code

X (former Twitter) user, @_waabi_saabi_ revealed on the platform about meeting Tony Stark in Bangalore. The commuter booked an auto on the city’s Namma Yatri app, known for offering budget-friendly auto rides to customers without charging commission from drivers. She stated in her tweet that when they asked the auto driver for the QR code to make the payment, the driver flipped his hand and showed his smartwatch.

Turns out, the Bangalore auto driver saved the QR code as their smartwatch screensaver. So, @_waabi_saabi_ lauded the man for his swag. Well, most auto drivers in the city, usually show the QR code on their phones or on a piece of laminated paper to help customers make cashless payments. But this is a total Peak Bangalore moment where the QR code is saved on a luxurious smartwatch as a screensaver. This Tony Stark-level swag has us all impressed and amused!

Netizens Praise Namma Yatri App & Enjoy These Stories!

So, what do Netizens have to say about this unusual incident in the Silicon Valley of India? Well, @_waabi_saabi_  lauded the app in another tweet where she noticed how Namma Yatri has static OTP, which is the last 4 digits of one’s phone number. The Netizen observed that the auto-hailing app took a leaf out of Rapido’s book!

@vibinbaburajan commented that he loves hearing these little observations that only happen in Bangalore. @masoombakliwal shared a picture of a Mumbai auto driver who made a QR code on his phone’s lock screen. Many other Bangaloreans took to the comments section to praise Namma Yatri for having fewer cancellations, cheaper rides and better service.

So, folks how will you react if your auto driver shows off his smartwatch with a QR code?