Bangalore Road Rage Incidents: Why Are They Increasing And What Does The City Police Have To Say?

by Shreya Rathod
Bangalore Road Rage Incidents: Why Are They Increasing And What Does The City Police Have To Say?

The IT city of Bangalore is witnessing a rise in road rage incidents. Some examples of road rage are yelling, excessive honking, verbal insults, dangerous driving methods and more. Locals have been tagging the city police on X and reporting these incidents. Here is what the city police commissioner has to say about it.

Bangalore Experiences A Rise In Road Rage Incidents

In Whitefield’s Siddapura, two people were recently seen stopping the car in the middle of the road and creating a disturbance. Two bikers attempted to assault the driver of the automobile in a viral video that showed them pursuing it. Further, those two suspects were confined by the police.

The police in Bangalore stated that they will have zero tolerance for the rising number of incidences of road rage in the city. They further promised that the accused would face harsh punishment and that a charge sheet would be opened. Bangalore’s city police commissioner B Dayananda stated that they are monitoring hooligans who are engaged in such activities during a conversation with an X user from the city.

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X User Asks For Advice About The Incidents

The user, Navneet, tweeted that road rage incidents are increasing day by day in his beloved city. He further stated that anyone who experiences such events becomes terrified and traumatised. And asks for advice about what would the city police provide citizens in such a situation. What should citizens remember as the incident is happening?

The police commissioner replied to his tweet by writing, road rage incidents are dealt with quite seriously. Police have found the cases and captured the offenders anywhere that similar incidents have been recorded. Additionally, in order to track down such hooligans, charge sheets are opened at the relevant police stations. In Bangalore City, there is zero tolerance for incidences of road rage.

He further urged people to dial 112 in case of emergency and he urged people to call if they find themselves in a precarious circumstance. The commissioner further stated that rest assured that we are only a phone call away.

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