Barcelos In Delhi Welcomes The ‘Goth’ Trend With Black Burger!

by Kritika Kukreja
Barcelos In Delhi Welcomes The ‘Goth’ Trend With Black Burger!

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After finding luck in Japan and Australia, the ‘goth’ food trend is blowing up in India with its black burgers and ice creams with Barcelos!

What Is It?

Barcelos is a South African chain of restaurants that opened up an outlet in Delhi. They were the first ones in India to introduce the Black burger on their menu and many restaurants have only expanded their talent. They use activated charcoal in their burgers and make it with strictly herbal ingredients. The melting cheese and chicken patty make this burger a mouth-watering affair.

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(Image Credit – India Today)
Barcelos Burger

There have been other restaurants that have taken up the ‘black food’ and added it in their menus.

The Masala Bar introduced Charcoal Pav Bhaji. It was loaded with the same buttery texture, spicy flavor, but it was completely black in color. The Rollin Pin in Mumbai introduced the black Paneer burger in 2015 as well. It is served with a side of fries and the bun of the burger is legit black in color.

Despite having the ‘goth’ trend hit Instagram and other social media this year, it has been loved by all since 2015.

Charcoal ice cream at Icekraft

What’s In It?

The activated charcoal used to prepare these ice creams and dishes is only used as a food coloring agent. It doesn’t affect the taste of the dish at all.


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