Beggar Ban! Ahead Of The G20 Summit, The Nagpur City Police Bans Begging Till 30th April

by Shreya Rathod
Beggar Ban! Ahead Of The G20 Summit, The Nagpur City Police Bans Begging Till 30th April

In ancient stories told by our grandmothers, we often came across ‘bhikshus’ — the one who lives his/her life on alms. In fact, it was considered a profession and people chose to do it. India has a long history of begging but after the British colonisation, it was made into a criminal act. And, till today, we are following the law. The G20 Summit 2023 has been the talk of the town and will be held in Nagpur soon. But, begging is banned! Here’s all you need to know about the ban on begging in Nagpur — the Orange city of India.

Ban On Begging Ahead Of G20 Summit

begging ban
Credits: Wikimedia

On Wednesday, the Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar issued a notice prohibiting begging under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). According to this, anyone found begging or roaming the streets and asking for money will be taken into custody. This law will come into action after Wednesday midnight and will remain operational till the 30th of April. According to the city Chief of police, this law was implemented due to many issues and not just the G20 Summit.

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He further stated that these beggars have been indulging in objectionable acts like forcing people to give money. They have also been creating a nuisance in the streets, obstructing the flow of traffic and pedestrian movement. The notification states that the offenders will face jail time from one to six months. Commissioner Amitesh Kumar had earlier prohibited transgenders to commit begging at the traffic signal. However, they can visit wedding venues only when invited.

From Thursday the city police will start shifting beggars into beggar homes or their native villages. The police department will hold a meeting where these issues will be discussed in detail.

Is Prohibition The Solution?

India has a Beggary Prevention Act which is implemented in various states. It is considered a social issue that needs to be addressed. But the question is will this prohibition act help decrease the number of beggars? Or do we need to take constructive steps that will be beneficial?

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What are your thoughts on begging? Comment below and share your ideas about how we can tackle it.

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