Bengaluru Bar Asked To Pay ₹10,000 As Compensation For Charging ₹90 Extra On Wine

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru Bar Asked To Pay ₹10,000 As Compensation For Charging ₹90 Extra On Wine

Bengaluru is known for its amazing restaurants and bars, apart from its booming IT sector and deadly traffic. A Bengaluru bar recently paid a hefty fine for charging a customer an additional ₹90 on an order of wine. The person complained about this to the consumer court. The court firmly ordered the bar to pay  ₹10,000 to the person as compensation for the extra charges levied.  

Bengaluru Bar Pays ₹10,000 As Compensation

‘King Fish, The restaurant and bar’ in Bengaluru was asked to pay the ₹90 charged extra over wine along with ₹10,000 as compensation for the same. This order came from the Bengaluru Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Krishnaiah ST, a 49 year old advocate, visited this Bengaluru bar located on Nagarbhavi Main Road. On February 13th, 2022, he went to this bar.ST is a resident of Amarjyothi Nagar in Vijayanagar. 

The man ordered mushroom fry along with a bottle of Sidus wine. When he asked for the bill, he discovered that he had been charged an additional  ₹90 because the bill stated Titl Wine-FL instead of Sidus wine.This clearly showed that he was wrongly charged by the bar. He filed a case against the bar and sent them a legal notice. While filing the case, the man produced the bill from the bar as evidence, basis which the case was filed. 

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The Opposition Party Had No Evidence

In an affidavit, the bar denied the allegation. In its order, the commission said that if the complainant was actually served Titl Wine-FL, which costs ₹230 instead of Sidus Wine, which costs ₹140, they should have any evidence about the same. The Bengaluru bar could have produced any documents or CCTV footage of the man being served Titl Wine-FL in order to prove their point, but they failed to do so. 

As the complainant clearly produced accidents as well as orally produced the matter, the burden falls on the bar to prove the fact. Now, as the evidence produced by the complainant states, the opposition has charged ₹90 extra, and the opposition has nothing to defend them. The court announced its verdict. The court ordered the bar to pay Krishnaiah a sum of ₹10,000 as compensation within 60 days of the order. 

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