Bengaluru Cantt Railway Station: Proposed Designs Are Out & They Look Fab!

by Shreya Rathod
Bengaluru Cantt Railway Station: Proposed Designs Are Out & They Look Fab!

The Railway Ministry had announced that Bengaluru Cantonment Railway Station will be getting a revamp. And the total cost of this project would be ₹525 crores. The development of this station will be carried out in two phases. The new railway station will include two new island platforms, three new lines and effectively add four additional platforms. Due to these additions, there will be less traffic at the KSR Bengaluru station and more trains can continue to function. The Railway Ministry has tweeted proposed images of this newly constructed railway station — take a look!

Proposed Designs Of Bengaluru Cantonment Railway Station

On March 11th, the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Railways tweeted the proposed images of the state-of-the-art transformation of the Bengaluru Cantonment Railway Station. The tweet was hashtagged with ‘Naye Bharat Ka Naya Station’.

As for the construction details, reconstruction of the station yard cost around ₹45 crores and was supposed to be completed in Feb 2023. But the rest of the station will take around three years to complete. The remodelled yard would be integrated with the quadruple section between Whitefield and Bengaluru Cantonment and a foot-over bridge will be built to connect Netaji Road to Borebank Road.

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Second Phase Of Construction

The second phase of this project will be the redevelopment of the station building while preserving its heritage essence. The station will have an airport-like structure for seamless multi-modal integration. It will be a station centre with a lot of space for commercial activities from transportation.

Besides this, the project will include an energy sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting system and energy conservation systems. The passengers with special abilities will be equipped with Braille Maps, ramps, lifts and subway to make their experience enjoyable.

Bengaluru is the ‘Silicon City of India’ and this project aims to keep its spirit intact. Since it is called the garden city, the roof of the building will have a flower-like structure. The horizontal structure will resemble the shape of a flute and depict a harmonious blend of technology.

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So, what do you think of these proposed structures and designs of the new railway station building?

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Railway/ Twitter