Idliiies In Jayanagar Serves Over 10 Types Of Idlis Including Chocolate Idli

by Kritika Kukreja
Idliiies In Jayanagar Serves Over 10 Types Of Idlis Including Chocolate Idli

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Idliiies in Jayanagar has given a twist to the regular idlis by introducing ‘chocolate idlis’, ‘banana-jaggery idlis’ and ‘methi-paneer’ idlis!

What Is It? 

Idlis might be a breakfast snack, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be given a twist. Idliiies in Jayanagar has given the South Indian snack a whole new meaning. Ever thought of ‘chocolate idlis’ ,banana-jaggery idlis’ or even ‘methi-paneer idlis‘? All of these are now make a healthy snack. Idliiies prepares everything from the batter to the chutneys in-house and they serve over 10 types of idlis with a twist.

Idliiies, Bengaluru

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What’s In It? 

If you’re the one with a sweet tooth, try out the ‘chocolate idli’ that has chocolate infused in the idli batter. On top of that, they pour a liberal amount of chocolate sauce. Another delight they serve is the ‘banana-jaggery’ idli, which has shredded coconut & banana along with jaggery stuffed in the batter. Not just that, they have the traditional ‘Ragi Shavige’ idli for a new idea. They also serve ‘Vegetable idli’, ‘Aloo stuffed idli’, and ‘Fresh Fruit idli’!

You can sip on some tea or ‘kaapi’ (as they call it) while enjoying your idlis at this outlet in Jayanagar.

Idliiies, Bengaluru
Chocolate Idli

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Address: Idliiies, 20, 1st Floor, 9th Main Road, 3rd Block Jayanagar near 3rd Block Bus stop, Bangalore
Contact: 07411199903
Approx Price: ₹20 – ₹40


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