BEST Bus At Just ₹5 And AC bus At ₹6 For A Minimum Distance Of 5 Km

by Mrunal Mahajan
BEST Bus At Just ₹5 And AC bus At ₹6 For A Minimum Distance Of 5 Km

The BEST bus prices for a minimum distance have been slashed from ₹ 8 to ₹5 and Mumbaikars could not be happier. This decision has made many ditch the expensive autos and cabs and take public transport. People on Twitter and other social media platform have shared their ticket photos and expressed their joy.

Mumbaikars are happy as the money that they will be spending on their travel has reduced by half. According to the TOI, the crowd at bus stops has increased and during rush hour it is even more. For a distance of 5 kilometres, the ticket remains at ₹5.

Here are some twitter reactions and photos people shared photos of inside the bus, their tickets and the line at bus stops. Many are happy but some also point out that the buses are not coming on time and the rush is increasing which is clearly not a good sign.

Here is a video shared by a commuter where we can see the officials making an announcement on loudspeaker about slashed prices and promoting more and more people to take the bus.

Many are happing and are appreciating the BMC officials for this move. This also reduced traffic problems at peak hours. There are times when people do not find cabs and are just stuck looking for one for hours. This decision will encourage more and more people to take the BEST buses.

The air condition bus fair has also been reduced and it is currently at ₹6 for 5-kilometre rides. This is very effective in the area where only AC buses functioned and the prices for AC buses were more than rickshaws. After the slashed prices, the AC buses are full and commuters are seen comfortably travelling without burning their pockets.