BEST Buses Install Mobile Air Purifiers To Improve Mumbai’s Air Quality; Here’s How It Will Work

To combat air pollution in Mumbai, Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) buses have installed mobile air purifiers!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
BEST Buses Install Mobile Air Purifiers To Improve Mumbai’s Air Quality; Here’s How It Will Work

Breathing fresh air is no longer something that Mother Nature can give you for free; it’s a luxury now that not everyone gets. Talk about Delhi and Mumbai, and these days, you cannot ignore the deteriorating air quality these cities in India are facing. To combat this in Mumbai, Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) has come up with a solution. The diesel buses now have mobile air purifiers!

BEST Buses Install Mobile Air Purifiers

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In order to guarantee improved air quality, 15 of the diesel buses now have air purifiers fitted on their rooftops. The programme, which began with a trial on one bus last month, will soon be expanded to 350 buses that are used around the city. 

Within the next two months, 350 buses are supposed to have it installed. A BEST official described it as similar to a moving air purification unit. These buses are specifically from the Anik depot, but they will also include buses from other depots. 

The contractors chosen by BMC installed this, and MPCB is working with BEST to coordinate the process. Despite the fact that each filter costs about ₹50000, corporate social responsibility is being used to pay for them.   (As per Hindustan Times)

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Bus Route Number 60 Was The First

Credits: Canva

The bus route number 60, which runs between Mazgaon and Kurla, is the first bus on which the first air purifier was installed. This week, 14 more filters were fitted as part of a plan to equip 335 buses with filters to clean the city air while they are in motion. 

Using detachable High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, buses can become portable air purifiers thanks to this tactic. These filters have an air-cleaning capacity of up to 15,000 cubic metres per hour and can collect 12–15 grammes of suspended particulate matter. 

They are a viable means of reducing air pollution while in motion because they run just on velocity and don’t need any more electricity. Replace the filters in the air purifiers every two to three months. 

The device efficiently purges the air while the bus travels because it runs on velocity and doesn’t need power. With two shifts and an average daily mileage of 160 km, it is anticipated that placing these devices on 100 buses will clean 10 lakh cubic metres of air per day.

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Vehicle Emissions Are Main Cause Of Pollution

Credits: Canva

Installing these filters would be somewhat efficient in cleaning the air, according to Minesh Pimpale, Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Environment). Further buses will be equipped with these filters if Pimpale’s approach proves effective. 

These buses will therefore function as a mobile filtration van, cleaning the dust particles while they are in motion. With the use of these purifiers, officials at traffic intersections seek to reduce emission levels.

According to civic officials, the project’s first phase will be put into action by the end of December, and CSR will provide the funding needed to buy these apartments. According to civic officials, vehicle emissions are the main cause of air pollution in Mumbai.

In order to help its ward inspectors monitor building sites for air pollution mitigation measures, the BMC is also creating a mobile app. The app enables daily monitoring by geotagging places and recording compliances. 

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