India, UK & More; UAE Residents Search ‘Everywhere’ To Plan Last Minute Getaways For UAE National Day!

Unlocking Travel Inspiration: UAE's Pursuit of 'Everywhere' for National Day Getaways

by Deeplata Garde
India, UK & More; UAE Residents Search ‘Everywhere’ To Plan Last Minute Getaways For UAE National Day!

As the UAE eagerly approaches its 52nd National Day travel enthusiasts are turning to unconventional destinations. Skyscanner’s data revealed a surge in searches for ‘Everywhere.’ by UAE Residents. This unique search option provides a plethora of choices for budget-friendly holiday experiences. According to this travel website, this option consolidates information from 1200 travel sites into one platform.

The ‘Everywhere’ Craze

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The growing popularity of the ‘Everywhere’ search on Skyscanner signifies the keenness of UAE residents to seek travel inspiration. It secures enticing deals for the upcoming three-day weekend from Saturday, December 2, to Monday, December 4. This innovative tool allows travellers to explore a multitude of destinations. The options are ranked by the cheapest prices, making it an invaluable resource for those planning their getaways.

Top 10 Searched Countries For National Day

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In addition to the ‘Everywhere’ trend, Skyscanner’s insights reveal the top 10 searched countries by UAE residents. All this excitement is in anticipation of the 52nd National Day which has led to multiple offers on coming on board. Here are some of the top destinations searched by UAE residents as a getaway option for this weekend.

Saudi Arabia

Value for Money: A Decisive Factor

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Skyscanner’s Travel Trends report for 2024 underlines that cost considerations heavily influence destination choices for UAE residents. Flight costs (32%) and hotel expenses (16%) emerge as pivotal factors. This informs us about the traveller’s behaviour and how they seek to enhance their holidays being cost-effective. Many of them are opting for ‘luxe-for-less’ experiences.

The report also sheds light on a prevailing trend for 2024. With value for money being a priority, nearly half (46%) of UAE travellers admit to choosing a destination based on a specific restaurant they want to experience, all while keeping their budgets in mind. Another 46% express their desire to undertake such culinary journeys. Osaka, renowned as the ‘kitchen of Japan,’ leads Skyscanner’s list for foodies on a budget in 2024. Destinations like Thailand, Turkey, and Italy, prominent in this year’s National Day searches, also offer world-class dining experiences at attractive prices.

Live Flight Deals For National DayUAE Flag

For those considering a last-minute getaway, Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ search for December unveils enticing flight deals from the UAE. With over 80 billion prices searched daily, Skyscanner serves as a valuable tool for travellers seeking luxury experiences without breaking the bank. Whether it’s the allure of the unknown or the thrill of a budget-friendly adventure, ‘Everywhere’ becomes the gateway to diverse and affordable holiday options for UAE residents during this celebratory period.

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‘Everywhere’ as a Gateway to Adventurous Explorations

As the excitement builds for the UAE’s 52nd National Day, residents are embracing a sense of wanderlust by turning to the unique and unconventional ‘Everywhere’ search option on Skyscanner. This trend, revealing a surge in searches for diverse and budget-friendly holiday destinations, showcases the eagerness of UAE residents to seek travel inspiration and secure enticing deals for the upcoming three-day weekend from Saturday, December 2, to Monday, December 4.

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