9 Best Paan Shops In Mumbai For 2020

by Pratiksha Acharya 7560

Paan is always a highly debatable topic in India. On one hand, you don’t want to eat supari and on the other, you can’t resist that mitha paan. Don’t lie to yourself because who hasn’t queued up at the paan counter after eating a sumptuous buffet at every Indian wedding ever. It’s minty, it’s fresh and it most definitely is yummy. Amitabh Bachchan agrees, so who are we to say no? So, we rounded up a list of the best paan shops in Mumbai.

1. Gourmet Chocolate Paan At Le Paan, Multiple Outlets

Never thought we’d see paan getting a “gourmet” twist but that is exactly what you get at Le Paan. Their Chocolate Gourmet Paan is a mitha paan with a generous coating of high-quality chocolate truffle on the outside. Besides this contemporary creation, they also have a Benarasi Paan and Premium Nutty Paan on the menu which is stuffed with dry fruits.

Le paan Best Paan

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Gourmet Chocolate Paan, Price on request

2. Sugar-Free Paan At The Paan Story, Mahim 70

It is difficult to eat a Sadha Paan because it has a lot of betel nuts (supari) in it. So, the easier alternative is the mitha paan but if you are diabetic and are upset that you can’t indulge in it then don’t worry because The Paan Story has come up with a sugar-free paan which is perfect for people who don’t want an overload of sugar.

The Paan Story Best Paan

Address – The Paan Story, Shop 4, Ground Floor, Terrace Building, CHSL 30, LJ Road, Mahim, Mumbai
Contact – +91 8926200300
We recommend –  Sugar-free Paan, ₹70 (Exclusive of taxes)

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3. Mitha Paan At CPAAN, Multiple Outlets

How can we fail to mention the classic mitha paan? CPAAN with its various outlets makes a great version of it. Stuffed with dry fruits, gulkand, saunf and more, this one is a mouthful.

Best Paan

Image for representation
Credits: Lifestyle Of A Professional

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Mitha Paan, ₹40 (Exclusive of taxes)

4. Chocolate Paan At Jagdish Chaurasia Pan Bhandar, Multiple Outlets

Chocolate paans are all the rage these days because what is better than a mitha paan? A paan coated in chocolate, of course. And that’s not all, they also have a Kala Khatta Paan and a Rasmalai Paan on their menu. Go figure!

Jagdish Best Paan shops

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Chocolate Paan, ₹60 (Exclusive of taxes)

5. Chocolate Pista Paan At Damru Paan Shop, Borivali

Besides a crazy variety of paans, Damru Paan Shop also has Paan Shots and Paan Shakes on the menu in case you are in the mood to try out something new.

Damru Best paan shops

Address – Damru Paan Shop, Shop 1, Dama Villa, Near Kora Kendra Ground, Borivali West, Mumbai
Contact – +91 9869324888
We recommend –  Chocolate Pista Paan, Price on request

6. Rose Paan At Nawabi Paan, Kandivali

Ah, the classy mitha paan stuffed with gulkand (paste made using rose petals). It really doesn’t get better than this. We are sure you’ll want one more of these once you have had a taste.

Nawabi Paan best paan shops

Image credits: Mehreen Khandwani for Zomato

Address – Nawabi Paan, Shop G-54, 10th Central Mall, Opposite Axis Bank, 90 Feet Road, Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali West, Mumbai
Contact – +91 8454936638
We recommend –  Rose Paan, ₹35 (Exclusive of taxes)

7. Ganga Jamuna Paan At Mucchad Pan Wala, Multiple Outlets

Mucchad Pan Wala got its unique name because of the family who runs this place. The men in the family have pretty well-groomed moustaches, hence the name. And their paans get the same amount of love and care as their moustaches do.

Mucchad Panwala Best Paan shops

Image credits: Raja Tiwari for Zomato

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Ganga Jamuna Paan, ₹50 (Exclusive of taxes

8. Mango Paan At Paan World Cafe, Multiple Outlets

Another paan shop with a weirdly whacky name, Paan World Cafe is home to a variety of fruity paans. Out of these, our favourite is the mango paan which has a sticky and sweet coating of mango on the outside.

Paan World Cafe Best paan shops

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Mango Paan, ₹55 (Exclusive of taxes

9. Strawberry Mitha Paan At Tiwari Pan Wala, Multiple Outlets

We really have a thing for fruit paans and therefore the Strawberry Paan at Tiwari’s gets our vote. But if you want to try something extremely unique, try their Sexy Ladies Paan. We haven’t had it but if you have, do let us know what you think about it.

best Paan

Image for representation Credits: Your Food Fantasy

Address – Multiple Outlets
We recommend –  Strawberry Paan, ₹50 (Exclusive of taxes)