5 Best Pizza Places In Dubai For 2020

by Saniya
5 Best Pizza Places In Dubai For 2020

Think Italian and the first delicacy that comes to anyone’s mind is the humble yet delicious Pizza! Allowing us to hog on them on-the-go, or binge at it on a girl’s night, or a house party, there is always an occasion to order pizzas. So, if you’re wondering where you need to order up for the perfect pizzas in Dubai? Here’s our list:

1. Pitfire Pizza

Pitfire Pizza in Dubai
Tikka Torch (Credits: Pitfire Pizza)

Located in the busy clusters of JLT, Pitfire Pizza serves some of the most innovative and tasty pizzas in Dubai. What’s best is the affordable rates they come for. From their signature pizza ‘Pitfire Primo’ that comes with a roasted garlic base to more regional flavored toppings, they spoil you for choice. And this is precisely why we appreciate their half-and-half offering available with the 15-inch pizza. So mix up the Italian flavored ‘Five Star’ with the creamy and ‘makhani’ Tikka Torch here.

Where: Cluster D & J, JLT
When: 11 AM- 11 PM
Price: 10”AED 38- AED 52 | 15” AED 53- AED 73
Contact: 8007483473

2. Puffizza

Puffizza (Credits: Trip Advsisor)

We believe there are two kinds of pizza eaters- the ones that love the crust and the ones that don’t. Stuffed crusts can be pretty heavy on the stomach. So Puffiza got us the perfect solution. Try out the delicious Puff crust pizzas with tasty toppings. From Cheese Sauce Chicken Pizzas to Tandoori Paneers, there are plentiful of delicious toppings to choose from at Puffizza. So pick up your fav topping, choose from a regular, stuffed or a puffed crust and pick your size from 7 inches or 9 inches and gorge on! With 12 varieties of Veg Pizzas, Vegetarians are in for a treat too!

Where: Al Karama
When: 12 noon- 12 Midnight
Price: AED 70 for two
Contact: 04 330 4420

3. Debonair’s Pizza

Pizza in UAE
Triple Decker ( Credits: Debonairs Pizza)

At Debonair’s, your taste buds are in for a treat! With delicious toppings such as ‘Mexican Fiesta’- a total meaty spice delight, and Paneer Tikka- a vegetarian delight, there is a lot to choose from. However, what catches our eyes and sets our mouths to water? It’s their specialty range of crusts. Apart from the original and thin crusts, they serve all their pizzas in a variety of crust upgraded. So you can upsize your toppings and get a double stack or even a triple stack of pizza toppings or get a sandwiched style ‘Filla’ crust too. Still not sure, then go for their crammed crust. So you know this is going to be a filling pizza experience in Dubai.

Where: The Dubai Mall
When: 10 AM- 1 AM
Price: AED 100 for two
Contact: 04 526 0549

4. Freedom Pizza

Freedom Pizza

Worried about all those extra kilos, you will be putting in with a good slice of Pizza? Then Freedom Pizza allows you to binge guilt-free. With their wide variety of vegan pizza toppings served over thin crusts, cauliflower crusts and even gluten-free- you know their pizzas are healthy. So here’s a pizza you can finally eat without worrying about getting fat.

Where: Trade Centre Area, Dubai
When: 10:30 AM- 2:30 AM
Price: AED 110
Contact: 04 342 5755

5. 800 Pizza

800 Pizza

Now here are some authentic Italian flavored pizzas– no frills attached. Their pizzas are best known for recreating the authentic tastes with a brick oven that gives their crusts a crisp and well-done look. From ‘Black Truffle’ to ‘Misto Mare,’ there still are plenty of Italian styled toppings to choose from. But it’s their basics people love- the pepperoni pizza and the veggie pizza!

Where: 8 800 Pizza Outlets including Aswaq Mall, Al Safa, Dubai
When: 10:30 AM- 11:30 PM
Price: AED 175 for two
Contact: 04 526 0486