7 Best Places In Algeria You Must Visit

Algeria's diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage make it a captivating destination for travellers seeking history, nature, and adventure

by Priyanka Fernandes
7 Best Places In Algeria You Must Visit

Algeria is a beautiful country with a rich history, culture, and natural beauty. There are many places to visit, from ancient ruins to vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes. Algeria is the perfect destination for you if you’re interested in history, nature or adventure. Here are seven must-visit places in Algeria that will leave a lasting impression.

1. Constantine

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Constantine, once the Capital of Numidia and later Roman Numidia, is now a captivating tourist destination known for its stunning architecture and breathtaking vistas. With buildings accessible only by crossing bridges spanning large canyons, the city offers a fantastical ambience reminiscent of its Roman past. While its rich history and unique charm attract visitors, tourist attractions may be limited, making a few days sufficient for exploration.

2. Algiers

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Algiers, Algeria’s capital with a population of around 4.5 million, is rich in Ottoman history and architectural beauty. The ancient Casbah, a maze-like urban area, and the Dar Hassan Pacha. This place in Algeria was a former lavish mansion, offering glimpses into the city’s vibrant past. Algiers provides Western visitors with a captivating contrast and a fascinating insight into Algeria’s history and future.

3. Timgad

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Timgad, near Batna in northeastern Algeria, is a stunning example of Roman urban planning. Founded around 100 AD by Emperor Trajan, it flourished into a vibrant city, now preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Highlights include the Arch of Trajan, a grand public library, and the Capitoline Temple. Timgad’s grid layout and mosaic floors offer a vivid glimpse into ancient Roman life, earning it the nickname ‘The Pompeii of Africa.’

4. Oran

Oran, Places In Algeria
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Oran, Algeria’s second-largest city, boasts a rich history influenced by Moorish, Spanish, Ottoman, and French cultures. Its diverse architecture reflects this heritage, including the Ottoman-era Fort of Santa Cruz and the Gothic-style Church of Saint Louis. French colonial planning is evident in its boulevards and public squares. Oran is renowned as the birthplace of Raï music, offering a dynamic nightlife and music scene that blends traditional Algerian folk sounds with contemporary global influences.

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5. Annaba

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Annaba, a coastal city with a rich history dating back to Phoenician and Roman times, is known for its Mediterranean atmosphere and beaches. Its main attraction is the ruins of Hippo Regius, a prominent centre of early Christianity associated with Saint Augustine. These ruins feature mosaics, bronze trophies, and remnants of villas and temples, surrounded by olive trees and overlooking the sea. Additionally, the Basilica of St. Augustine commemorates his life and work, adding to Annaba’s historical allure.

6. Cherchell

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Cherchell, a coastal town, is a must-see place in Algeria. Steeped in history, it features remarkable Roman and Byzantine ruins, including a theatre and public baths. Its two museums boast a fine collection of Roman and Greek antiquities, while nearby lies the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania, associated with Queen Cleopatra’s descendants.

7. Tlemcen

Tlemcen, Places In Algeria
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Tlemcen, the ‘Pearl of the Maghreb’, is a historic city in Northwestern Algeria with Berber, Arab, and French influences. Established in the 4th century, it flourished as an Islamic centre under the Zianid dynasty. It left behind remarkable Islamic architecture, such as the Great Mosque and the ruins of Mansourah, which showcase detailed tile work and elegant arches.

From the ancient ruins of Timgad to the bustling streets of Algiers, each destination provides a unique glimpse into the country’s past and present. Whether exploring the architectural wonders of Constantine or immersing oneself in the vibrant music scene of Oran, Algeria promises unforgettable experiences for every traveller. With its captivating beauty and warm hospitality, Algeria is a must-visit destination in North Africa.

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