Bharti Singh Talks About Surviving Extreme Poverty, Says Someone’s Stale Food Was Their Fresh Food.

by Shreya Ghosh
Bharti Singh Talks About Surviving Extreme Poverty, Says Someone’s Stale Food Was Their Fresh Food.

Bharti Singh is one of the few names that surely make it to the list when we talk about comedians and comediennes of India. She is surely a celebrity that has a lot of contributions to the world of comedy. And her journey to excel exceptionally in her field has surely not been easy. She shares some memories from her younger days with Neena Gupta during an interview with Brut India.

Bharti Singh Breaks Down While Talking About Living In Poverty


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The comedienne shared with Neena Gupta how she lost her father at a very young age. She was just 2 years old when she lost her dad and her family had to go through extreme poverty. She recalled many stories and shared that her focus has always been poverty and she worked really hard to get out of that life. Bharti shared that her siblings left their studies and started working in a blanket factory where they had to stitch blankets every day.

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Bharti’s mother also juggled between so many jobs to run her family. From working on Maata Rani ki Dupatta to doing household work at others’ houses, her mother did it all.

Some Family’s Stale Food Felt Like Fresh Food For Her Family

Bharti’s mum worked in other people’s houses back in the day. And if someone gave her mum some stale leftover food, that used to become fresh food for her and her family. Her family has seen the worst of poverty. She also shared how there have been times when she had the thought of picking up a half-eaten apple from a garbage and cutting it properly so that she can eat some apple pieces.

Bharti used to get very sad and depressed during the times of celebrations. She shared how her mother brought sweet boxes from her work and then all of them celebrated Lakshmi puja.

There has been a lot of struggle in Bharti’s life but joining college and choosing comedy has helped her to overcome all the poverty and live a happy and successful life like now.

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