“Bhartiya Khaana Khaate Hai,” Japanese Influencers React To Desi Dishes Like Rasmalai & Butter Chicken & It’s So Xtra!

Check out their "mind-blowing reactions" to desi khaana!

by Sanjana Shenoy
“Bhartiya Khaana Khaate Hai,” Japanese Influencers React To Desi Dishes Like Rasmalai & Butter Chicken & It’s So Xtra!

Internet sensation Stan Fukase AKA World of Xtra thrills his fans with the coolest content. This time, the influencer and his friend Stewart Fukase shared a reel where they are seen taste-testing Indian food from Japan. From Butter Chicken to Kulcha, the duo share their fun reactions and even rate dishes. Check out their “mind-blowing reactions” to desi khaana!

Japanese Influencers Taste-Test Indian Food In Japan

Stan Fukase’s latest Insta reel shows the influencer tasting Indian food ordered in Japan. “Chalo kuch bhartiya khaana khaate hai,” they announce as they hold delivery food parcels in their hands. First, they tried raita, despite knowing it’s a dip, Fukase and his friend wanted to try it by itself. They give it a 10/10.


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Next, it was time for Masala Kulcha and once again it scored a 10. It pretty much left them mind-blown! The food was so good that they even danced to Leja Leja. They also tried Palak Paneer, which didn’t have the signature green spinach colour. But looked delicious nevertheless! Dipping it in kulcha, the two took bites. Undoubtedly, they loved it and gave it a close 9/10. But once the spice hit, Stan Fukase was at a loss for words and just held his throat.

Going the carnivorous route, Stan and his friend tried Seekh Kebabs. Dipping it in mint chutney, they devoured it. However, seekh kebab was far from hitting home for them. It got a measly 6/10 and some disappointing reactions from the influencers. They made sure to keep the box of Seekh Kebabs as far away as possible.

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Give Butter Chicken 1000/10

Then came the best part, the most awaited Indian dish for everyone living outside India—  Butter Chicken. Especially Butter Chicken from Moti Mahal! Needless to say, this dish totally blew their mind and got a beyond generous 1000/10, leaving the two influencers dancing in delight.

To end their tasting session on a sweet note, Steve and his buddy relished Rasmalai. The mouthwatering spongy Chhenna or Indian cheese dipped in sweetened milk left them very happy. And again, they showed their reactions with a happy dance and gave it a 9/10.

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Not a bad-tasting sesh for World of Xtra, right? Well, Netizens loved their reel, especially the edit which included shots from Hindi TV serials and Bollywood songs. Many loved their fluent pronunciation of the Indian dishes and slangs. But some pointed out the fact that the Palak Paneer looked nothing like Palak Paneer. It wasn’t even green, the colour of spinach, to begin with.

Do you agree with Steve Fukase’s reactions and ratings of Indian food from Japan?

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