With Butter Chicken Fondue, Samosa Chaat, & More, My Delhi Brings Award-Winning Indian Street Food To The UK!

The ultimate destination for street food lovers!

by Mallika Khurana
With Butter Chicken Fondue, Samosa Chaat, & More, My Delhi Brings Award-Winning Indian Street Food To The UK!

Welcome to My Delhi, where the favourites of India meet the bustling lanes of the UK! Nestled in the heart of the country, this award-winning Indian restaurant is a haven for those craving the bold flavours and irresistible aromas of Delhi’s street food. Picture the bustling streets of Delhi come alive with the sizzle of grills, the aroma of spices, and the chatter of eager foodies. Now, imagine all of that excitement packed into three exquisite locations across the UK, bringing the essence of Delhi’s street food right to your doorstep.

Indulge In Authentic Flavours At My Delhi


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At My Delhi, they don’t just serve food; they craft experiences. Their journey begins with the soul of Delhi’s street food, where every dish tells a tale of tradition, culture, and irresistible flavours. From the iconic aloo tikki to the mouthwatering samosa chaat, each bite is a journey through the vibrant streets of Delhi, right here in the UK.

But our culinary adventure doesn’t stop there. The talented Delhi-native chefs bring their expertise and passion to every dish, ensuring that each bite bursts with authenticity and tradition. From the rich, creamy indulgence of our famous 1950s Butter Chicken to the innovative fusion of flavours in our Butter Chicken Fondue, every dish is a celebration of India’s rich culinary heritage. Indulge in the mouthwatering array of street food favourites, each bite bursting with the authentic spices and bold flavours that define Indian cuisine. 

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Delhi’s Delights, UK’s Favourite


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But the excitement doesn’t stop there. For those who prefer to enjoy our Delhi-cious delights from the comfort of their own homes, they offer a convenient takeout and delivery service. Planning a special event? Look no further than My Delhi. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, birthday bash, or corporate gathering, their spacious venues are perfect for any occasion. Their expert team can create bespoke menus tailored to your preferences.

And for those looking to spice up their lunchtime routine, the new Canteen lunch menu is guaranteed to delight. Featuring quick, light, and Delhi-ciously tasty dishes, it’s the perfect way to brighten up your afternoon. Pair it with the freshly brewed Delhi Chai for the ultimate Indian tea experience.

But perhaps the crown jewel of My Delhi is our Bottomless Brunch. Combining the vibrant flavours of Indian street food with unlimited drinks, it’s an experience like no other. From lip-smacking chaats to aromatic biryanis, every dish is served with a side of unlimited prosecco, cocktails, mocktails, or chai. Gather your friends and family, book your table, and embark on a flavour-packed adventure that’ll leave you craving more. At My Delhi, we’re committed to providing a dining experience that’s not only delicious but also safe for everyone. 

Take a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of India, right here in the heart of the UK!

Where: Multiple outlets
When: 1 pm – 10 pm

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